Jenny’s Bod Squad encourages individuals and groups of people to challenge themselves through fitness in a whole new way. Jenny believes it’s not as much about how you look but how you feel! She combines kickboxing, dance, body weight based movements, tabata and other new fitness trends into high energy formats that are exciting and fun! Jenny believes variety is the key to any ongoing healthy and fit lifestyle. She is passionate about sharing her expertise to help others learn to move their bodies efficiently, produce more energy and grow with strength and vitality.

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  • 10-1’s Workout!

    Greetings squad! Today's workout is a 10-1 blast! I absolutely LOVE this format! It gets your heart rate up pretty darn quickly. The burn in your legs kind of sneaks up on you. And all of this happens in a fairly short amount of time...which is why I chose this one today! I didn't have a whole lot of time with my kids hanging on me! Summer has begun and for those of you with kids you know EXACTLY what I mean! This little workout can come in handy any day of the week! It's even fantastic if you divide it and do one group of exercises in the morning and one later at night. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!
    • Push-up opposite arm and leg reach: I decided this was going to be my warm-up exercise. I was already fairly warm from running around half the morning but I needed to activate my core for the workout and this is the perfect exercise for doing that! In fact, anytime you need to engage your belly drop down and crank out some push-ups. The opposite arm and leg reach just ups the challenge. Do 10-20 reps total.
    • Breakdance kick and jump switch lunges: Here's where the fun begins!! Do 10 breakdance kicks REALLY jumping your foot forward towards your hands and then kick the other leg under. If you stay back in your extended plank you won't feel the total burn in your thighs...which means you won't be working your legs as much...which means you won't burn as many calories during the workout and for hours to come after the workout. After you've done 10 total breakdance kicks do 10 jump switch lunges. Make this big and beautiful as well. Really bend both knees as you get down in your lunge and then jump up big to switch your lunge. Do 10 total of these. After you've done 10 of each then do 9 of each, 8 of each, 7, etc. until you're down to 1 of each.
    • Long jumps and mt. climbers: Same idea, do 10 long jumps and then 10 mt. climbers each leg. Then drop down one rep per set until you finish with 1 of each. Great cardio burner here!
    • Full sit-ups: Just to seal the deal in your core do 20-30 full sit-ups and you're done!
    That's the complete workout! Not too bad eh? Try this workout and you can even come up with your own 10-1's format. Burpees are fabulous, biceps curls work, and tuck jumps are always a winner too. Whatever you do this summer, don't make excuses to not exercise. Get it in everyday! Some form of movement. Stay in the habit and get stronger while you're at it. Maybe get the kids to join in the fun if you can! Let me know how it goes and stay tuned for the next fun workout! xoxo, Jenny
  • Sweating to the Music!

    Greetings squad! Today's workout is all about busting your ass, sweating to killer music and having a fantastic time doing it!! Seriously though, working out is hard--yes. But you can get into a zone with the right frame of mind and the right music to pump you up!! It's probably pretty obvious but there are endless benefits to exercising to music. Some of them include:
    1. Music can be a good distraction from the pain.
    2. Music can make you work harder.
    3. Music can put you in the zone. Whatever that zone may be...a memory or visualizing you more fit and athletic.
    4. Music can help you keep a good pace.
    5. Music can change your mood and elevate it to a positive place.
    Those are just a few of the benefits to listening to music. Well, I was fortunate enough to receive this amazing set of headphones from the generous people at 66 AUDIO . You can totally #sweatwirelessy with their fabulous bluetooth headphones and not have to worry about stupid wires getting in your way. That's how I got through this tough workout. Here are the deets to this sweatfest and then I'll share some songs that are pumping me up!
    • Plank jacks: Get in that solid plank position and jump your feet open and close. Engage your whole body here and don't let your back sag at all! 30 seconds.
    • Jumping jacks: Seems easy enough right? After 30 seconds at a good pace you should feel the burn for sure here.
    • Side to Side Lunges: Another fab way to bust your butt. Really try and explode up to switch from each side lunge. Engage your belly throughout and stay focused--even if you might be losing yourself to some tunes. 30 seconds again.
    • Waist cinchers: Holy smokes! Every. Single. TIME! These kick my butt! These are especially challenging when you do them for 30 seconds...AND after all that other dynamic business you just performed.
    • Jump Switch Lunges High and Low: Do 4 explosive jump switch lunges from upright and then 4 jump switches from a plank position. That level change situation is so great for your heart rate AND it's a nice shock to your metabolism. You guessed it, 30 seconds of this.
    • Tuck Jumps: What a way to finish this challenge! BIG, explosive, holding nothing back tuck jumps! I've been working hard on these and trying to tuck my knees all the way up to my chest. 30 seconds is KILLER!
    That's the workout! 30 seconds of each exercise. Try for at least one time through and then of course if you can do more go for it! You will be THAT much stronger and THAT much more bad ass!! Some music that I'm loving these days and that get me through kick butt workouts like this are:
    1. "Riot" by Wiwek. This one is SO motivating! I play it in my bootcamp classes and I can see the changes in everyone's energy levels. Even my 2 daughters love to listen to it on their way to soccer games. Good stuff.
    2. "Febreeze" by Skrillex & Diplo. First of all, this song makes me laugh. Second, it swears a lot so be aware of that. Sometimes 4-letter words put me in a different zone. Just saying. My classes love this one too ;-).
    3. "Soy Yo" by Bomba Estereo.  I heard this on a Target commercial and fell in LOVE right away. My classes AND my girls request this song now.
    So tell me what you're digging these days!! Give this workout a go, check out for some hip headphones and let me know how it goes! Until next time! xoxo Jenny
  • Home Sliding Workout!

    Greeting squad!! Today's workout is all about sliding! It's a super intense core workout--which I LOVE! But it also targets the hamstring and gluts as well as your whole upper body. All you need for this workout is some glides or furniture movers, socks can work well if this surface is slippery enough or some towels can work beautifully too! Here are the details!
    • Push-up to crow to a jump back: You'll need to do this one on a slippery surface with good socks. It's super hard, I know. But very satisfying once it's done...and pretty fun to do. I know I'm a little sick that I find pleasure in challenging exercises. Get into a fairly narrow push-up so you'll work your triceps a little more. Do a push-up and then point your feet so you're on the tops of your feet. Slide your legs forward really scooping out your abs and then get into crow pose (where you balance your knees on your upper arms and lift your feet off the floor). After you find a little hold, jump back into your plank again. Modifications: do your push-up on your knees, still try and slide in because it's fun. If you can't do a crow pose make contact with one leg at a time on your arms, and you can always walk your feet back to plank instead of jumping them. Go for 8-12 reps of these.
    • Swively "L" sit: I saw a variation of this on Instagram. You gotta love Instagram for all the crazy strong people showing crazy strong exercise variations. I placed my feet on a towel because my socks couldn't slip quite enough. Sit on your bum with legs out and feet on towel. Press hips up off the floor and then swivel your legs in like a figure 8 and back out. Holy smokes! Your core will be talking during this one for sure! I even got a good muscle cramp in my abs. Love that business!! If you can't do this, keep trying AND even do one leg at a time. Still too difficult with bum off the floor then just stay seated. You should still feel the love in your belly. Try for reps of going out and in.
    • One leg slide forward to one leg lift:Another kick butt challenge. I guess I can stop saying that ;-). Get in a plank with one leg lifted off the floor and the other leg on a towel or slider. Slide your leg in and lift the other leg to the sky. When you lower back to the start bring that lifted knee to elbow and really scoop your belly out. Repeat it all again for 6-10 reps then do the other side. YIKES! I don't know how to modify this. Maybe do less reps and just do your best!
    • Hamstring slides: On back in a bridge pose with feet on glides, lift hips off the floor and then extend and bend your legs out and in. Pull those hips up higher every time and really crank into your hamstrings. Do 15-20 reps here.
    • Arm press forward: This is a great one and doable for everyone. Difficult for sure, and everyone's range of motion will be different but everyone can give it a fair shot. On knees with hands narrow out in front on towels or sliders. Slide one arm forward as far as you can and bend the opposite arm to lower yourself down. Return to start and do the other arm. Keep your abs scooped out and even a bit of a tail tuck. You can squeeze through your gluts to keep your back out of the exercise. Do 10-20 reps total here.
    • Sliding push-ups: Each hand on a towel or slider, lower down to a push-up on knees or toes sliding towels out to the sides and then back together as you lift back up out of push-up. This one is awesome for your arms AND your abs! Try for 10-15 reps here.
    That's the workout! Try to do all the exercises at least one time and then if you can repeat for another round or two all the better! Have fun and let me know how it goes!! xoxo Jenny
  • Meatless Meals!

    Meatless Meals!

    Greetings squad!! Today's post is all about getting at least one meatless meal in a week. And when I say a "meal" I mean dinner. Of course you can even dedicate a whole day to being meatless. The idea behind going meatless is to give your digestive system a little break, add more variety and nutrients to your diet and it's a fantastic way to introduce new veggies into your meal planning!  Most of you have probably heard of "meatless Mondays". I am trying to incorporate that into my family meal planning, and this is what I came up with yesterday!  Read More
  • At home workout!!

    Greetings squad! I've got another kick-ass workout that you can do at home, the gym, while traveling, at the park, on a hike, at the get the picture! All you need is YOU! A little motivation, a little time and you are good to go! If you're new to my site and my workouts you might not know how much I love interval training. Intervals are by far the fastest and most efficient way to shock your body and take your fitness to the next level. I do love all types of fitness training but I'm mostly excited about exercises that take little to no equipment, exercises that work more than one body part at a time, and exercises that you can throw into any part of your day to give yourself that extra metabolism boost. The workout I have for you today takes care of all of that business! For the intervals today you can do an every minute on the minute format (EMOM). I'll explain the exercises below. The idea is to complete all the prescribed exercises in less than a minute's time and then recover for the remainder of the minute if you have some seconds left in that minute. Once that next minute starts you need to get right back at the first exercise and go through them all again trying to beat the minute. The repetitions are low so even though you're going for speed in trying to accomplish all the reps before the minute is up, don't forget about quality of movement. Give each exercise all you've got so you can get the most out of the workout. Here are the exercises my friends:
    • Long jumps: Five beautiful long jumps. Really push yourself here. No easy jumps, go further than you ever have. If you don't have enough space for five complete long jumps do five beautiful squat jumps by squatting down low and then jumping up as high as you can.
    • Jump switch lunges: Ten reps total here. Every time you jump into a lunge that counts as one rep. Get as low as you can in each lunge, aiming that back knee for the floor and then explode up to switch to the other lunge. I was SO tired when I filmed these. Not my best jump switches after teaching bootcamp--but you get the idea.
    • Push-ups: Five perfect push-ups here. Keep your whole body solid and lower all the way down and up. If you need to lower to your knees to bring your body all the way to the floor please do so. Again, quality of movement.
    That's the workout! The ultimate goal for this workout would be to do this for 12 minutes. Of course if you don't have 12 minutes do what you can. Maybe 8 minutes now and then if you have time later do another 5-8 minutes. The more you move the more calories for the day. Not only do you burn calories in that moment but your fire stays stoked for hours to come while your body tries to recover. Good luck! Let me know how it goes and have a beautiful weekend!! xoxo Jenny
  • Plank and Core Workout!

    Greetings squad! Today's workout is all about the plank and core work! I didn't have much time to do an extra full body workout today after teaching and personal training BUT I had just enough time to throw in some plank and core work. And it was a beautiful day so I had to spend as much time as possible outside with my puppy! If you have a little extra time today and any day you should always try for a little more core work AND plank work. After all, a strong core is the foundation to all movement. Push-ups are by far the best total body exercise so doing a little plank work each and everyday will help you perfect your push-up as well. For today's workout let's use a stop watch and do each exercise for thirty seconds each.
    • 4-point Power Plank: Get in your solid plank and engage every part of your body. Pull those abs in super tight and lengthen your spine. Keep your focus forward and shoulders over your hands. Pull each knee side to same elbow, then knees under, then knee to opposite elbow, and then extend each leg up and back. Keep cycling through this for 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.
    • Bicycle abs: Pretty self-explanatory but I am a stickler for a good looking bicycle. Really lift your body and twist trying to bring opposite elbow in contact with knee. Extend your other leg out strong and of course pull your abs in the entire time. Do this for 30 seconds and rest for 15 seconds before moving on to next exercise.
    • Push-up step wide: Back in that solid plank, do a perfect push-up and then step your leg out wide aiming towards your hand. This exercise is so great for your whole body. Really think about keeping your abs tight and then work your hip flexibility by stepping your leg out wide. Again, 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest.
    • Wide Mt. Climbers: Keeping that hip flexibility in mind do your mt. climbers with your legs stepping out wide. 30 seconds on and 15 seconds rest.
    • Full Sit-ups: Back on your back with your hands behind your head if possible and perform full, quick sit-ups for 30 seconds. Of course if you can't quite get up all the way with your hands behind your head you can extend them out in front of you.
    That's the workout! After you complete the whole workout try for another round or two. Enjoy that burn in your belly right now and a stronger core for days to come!! Until next time, cheers!! Jenny
  • Quick and Nutritious Dinner!

    Quick and Nutritious Dinner!

    Greetings squad!! It's been a while since I've done a nutrition post and last night we had the perfect quick and nutritious dinner! Right now my girls are knee deep into soccer practice and games. We have lots of late nights between that and my teaching schedule. There isn't a lot of time or desire at the end of the day to make a healthy meal. Well Trader Joe's to the rescue once again! Read More
  • Workout outside!!

    Greetings squad! It's been a while since I've posted...for any of you who care ;-). I was out of town and then busy getting back into the swing of things. But I'm back and almost acclimated to my regular schedule!! It has been beautiful weather here the past couple of days! I know the weather is supposed to turn in the next couple of days for the worse but I'm hoping it changes its mind and decides to stays nice and pleasant. I'll take nice weather when ever I can and today was outstanding! It is always a fabulous idea to get a little more movement into each and everyday. Not only do you burn more calories that specific day but you tax your muscles  which in turn burns more calories while at rest! Who doesn't like the thought of burning calories while you sleep? I also love the saying "A body in motion stays in motion". The more we move the more our bodies crave movement. Movement and exercise are the keys to health and longevity. Of course eating right and getting enough sleep are very important factors, but the more we make exercise and movement a priority the more we are capable of doing the rest of our lives. The whole use it or lose it concept you know? So take a few extra minutes today and move a little more. If it's beautiful weather get outside and try some of these exercises. Your body will thank you today and for years to come!
    • Walking lunges: Find a good stretch of space and do some walking lunges. Really try to bring your back knee to the floor and push up strong through the front leg. Engage your abs the entire time and use the back of your leg to lift up out of a low lunge. Try for 20 if you don't have a lot of space to work with keep lunging until you reach 20 reps.
    • Traveling push-ups: Again, in that big open space get into your push-up position. Do a push-up then travel your plank to the side. Repeat for 10 in one direction and then reverse your direction. If you don't have a lot of space do a push-up travel to one side do a push-up and travel back. Do 14-20 reps of this.
    • Burpees: The best exercise out there. Yes, quite possibly one of the hardest, but definitely one of the most efficient. Big jump up bringing arms over head, clapping at the top, drop down to your push-up, jump in strong to get back up and do it all again! 10 reps of this.
    • Jump switch lunges: Another fabulous and efficient exercise. Jump into a beautiful lunge then jump up to switch lunges. Do 20 reps total of this.
    That's the workout! If you have time do all the exercises more than once. Get outside, get moving and improving and live life to its fullest!! Until next time, cheers!! xoxo Jenny
  • Wednesday Workout-AMRAP!

    Greetings squad! Today's workout is an AMRAP! As many rounds as possible in case you're not familiar with that term. It's a cross fit term and it's a great way to really bust your body, get your heart rate up and tax all your muscles. They can be a little sneaky at times too. This one is sneaky because after you do one round you think, "this isn't that bad". But soon after that first round you see where your weaknesses are and where you start to slow and fatigue. Another fabulous thing about this workout is it doesn't require any equipment! Yay! We all love that. I was talking yesterday with someone about a friend of hers who is quite overweight. She asked what the best and first thing her friend could start doing. My answer, MOVE! If we all commit to moving a little more everyday we can combat weight gain, improve our fitness level and do what are bodies are meant to do! They are NOT designed to sit all day! In fact that is the WORST thing we could be doing! I could be preaching to the choir here since you found my website but share the message of moving more. Get friends and families a fitness tracker. It is a fantastic way to check in with how much you actually move or DON'T move in a day and set goals from there. My other hope for myself and my clients is that we all become more able-bodied. To me, a true sign of health and fitness is someone that can do a lot of different things. And they don't have to be huge and magnificent things but even everyday things. Walking, getting up and down from the floor, running up a flight of stairs, balancing on one foot. The more we try different movements that are challenging the more able-bodied we become. The better we age and ultimately the more we enjoy life! So try this challenging workout and do your best! Really push yourself with each round, modify where you need to and get more movement in each and everyday! It WILL pay off!
    • Burpees: Of course! My favorite. Jump up high and clap your hands over your hand, drop to the floor and do a push-up. 3 reps of this.
    • Jump switch lunges: Jump into a lunge REALLY bringing the back knee to the floor. Jump up and switch sides. 6 reps total of this.
    • Push-ups: Back on the ground for your perfect push-ups. Start on your toes in the first round and then of course if it just isn't possible for you to do a push-up from there drop your knees down. But don't lose your core on these! 9 reps of this.
    • Squats: Stand back up with feet wide and toes a little turned out and drop down into a low squat. Try to keep your speed up but really get a good range of motion. Remember to bend from your knees first NOT your waist. 12 reps of this.
    Those are the exercises. Now what you're going to do is go through these exercises as MANY rounds as possible for 3 minutes straight. Bust through it and keep going until that 3 minutes is up. If you have time--which we all do right ;-)? Rest for one minute and then do it all again for another 3 minutes. If you don't have 3 more minutes in you do 2 or even 1 but go for it! You'll be stronger, happier, younger and more able-bodied! Until next time! xoxo Jenny
  • Wednesday Lateral Movement Workout!

    Greetings squad! Today's workout is all about lateral movement. It's so important to workout in all planes of motion. Forward, backwards and laterally. So, today's workout is all about lateral movement! I'm not going to lie either, it's a bit tough :-/. But I think pretty fun. Of course, that's how I get my high in life--really pushing my body beyond what I think is possible. When it comes to moving in different planes of motion I know for myself, and several people that I teach and train, moving side-to-side or lateral movements as we'll talk about today can be pretty tough. It is especially tough on your coordination. And I really find myself challenged on one side of my body more than the other. I hope you find this workout a good challenge for you and that you'll learn something new about your own comfort zone and movement abilities. Do your best. Modify if you need to and then set some goals to get a little more lateral movement in your workouts. ENJOY!
    • Push-ups side-to-side:Get in that solid plank/push-up position. Do a push-up then travel in that plank to the side. Do a push-up then travel back to the other side. Do 10-20 total reps of these
    • Lateral lunge hop:Step out to one side in a lunge, really bending the leg you're going towards and keeping the opposite leg stick straight. Once you get to the depth of your range push off the bent leg and hop back to the start. I hope that made sense. Of course watch the video ;-). Do 10-15 reps each leg.
    • Single leg side hop burpee:Standing on one leg leap sideways, also know as a skate leap. Drop to the floor to do a push-up STILL on that one leg. Pop yourself back up and switch standing legs. Leap the other way and do the push-up business again! Do 10 reps total of these.
    • Lateral tuck jumps: Power yourself in a big jump to the side bringing your knees up in a tuck position. Do 20 reps total of these.
    • Lateral hop onto couch:Stand sideways next to a couch, stable chair, or stool and jump up onto that bad boy. This will feel trickier on one side. Especially if you find a challenging piece of furniture to jump up onto. Do 10-15 reps each side.
    • Lateral plank hop burpees:Back in that solid plank, push-up position, jump yourself to one side, then back, then jump feet in towards hands and jump all the way up. Get back down in your plank and do it again. This one is super challenging, but pretty fun because you'll feel like some other animal or insect for a minute. Do 10 reps of these!
    That's the workout! Give it your best to get through it all one time and then of course if you can repeat it two or three more times you'll be stronger for it! Have fun and I'll see you all soon!! xoxo Jenny
  • Wednesday Workout-Fit Bod Blast!

    Greetings squad! I saw a fabulous quote today on Spartan's website, "If you're going through hell, keep going." This quote is by Winston Churchill and I can't think of a more fitting quote for me today. Today has been a little rough for me--no big deal in the grand scheme of things but I really needed to burn off some steam so that's what today's workout is all about. It's a fit bod blast of sorts. If you already feel like you're going through hell, why not just bust your butt a little more and really sweat it off! Today's workout is timed intervals of 30 seconds each. A little up, a little down and a whole lot of total body burning. I hope you like the workout and can bookmark it for those days you just need to blast off some energy. Here we go!
    • Burpees: Duh! What better way to burn off some steam?!
    • Full sit-up with feet up: Place feet on couch or chair and crunch all the way up to touch your ankles. If it's too hard then you can do regular sit-ups with feet down.
    • Mt. Climber's: Pretty self-explanatory. Of course if your wrists bother you then do these on your elbows.
    • Split squat power hop: My new favorite one ;-). Really power up your front foot and try to even touch that foot. 30 seconds per leg.
    • Opposite arm and leg twisted reach: Try not to touch your hand or foot to the floor. Super tricky balance but so fabulous for your core and upper body. Can do this on elbows if needed. And of course you can touch if you're totally struggling.Try for 30 seconds each side.
    • Plank hop to chair: Get pretty stretched out here with only just enough room for your feet to touch the chair. This way you really get your core, arms and heart burning. Enjoy the hell!!
    That's the workout my friends! Try to do this whole thing at least one time and then of course if you have more time do it all again!! Have a fit bod blast and I'll see you soon! OH! Stay tuned for my AB DECK coming soon! It's gonna be awesome! And if you haven't checked out and followed me on Instagram do that right now and join my #absinapril challenge! xoxo
  • Wednesday Workout-Glut Activation!

    Greetings squad! Today's workout is all about the gluts, the booty, the butt, your back side, however you want to say it! We all have it so it needs to be worked!  Often times people associate glut workouts with changing the shape of your butt so it looks better and not necessarily the function of your gluts. Yes, it is nice to have a booty that is firm and muscular but there is SO MUCH more to a strong back side! The stronger your gluts are the higher you can jump, the faster you can run, the easier it is for you to balance on one leg, the bigger steps you can take up and down, and the more endurance you have in running, biking and several other cardiovascular exercises. Often times men don't do "booty" workouts because it is sold to make it LOOK more appealing not necessarily how it supports other workouts and athletic endeavors. Strong gluts are great for preventing injuries in the lower body AND the lower back as well. I could go on and on!! With that being said, here is the Wednesday workout all about GLUT activation! My hope is that with these exercises you don't go through the motions but your really focus on what you are working.  Really take the time to squeeze your gluts and move with intention. 
    • Bridge glut squeeze: On back with feet firmly planted and knees bent. Put more weight in your heels and lift your hips up squeezing your gluts like crazy. Hold for a moment at the top and squeeze even more. Lower down and do it again. Do 10-20 reps.
    • Single leg bridge: Same idea but with one leg off. Do 10-20 reps per leg.
    • Heel squeeze prone: Laying on belly resting forehead on hands, knees bent and heels squeezing together. Keep that connection of your feet and squeeze your gluts to lift your thighs off the floor. Do 20 reps.
    • Single leg dead lift and pulses: Standing on one leg, hinged at waist with other leg extended out really engaged. Lower down with control and half way back up pushing through your gluts. Do 10-15 of those. Then pulse extended leg 15 reps and standing leg 15 reps. Repeat on other side.
    • Squat jumps: Straight forward but try and power through your gluts and really extend your legs fully. Do 15 reps.
    • Step up with back kick: On bench or couch, step up with one leg and kick and extend other leg back squeezing through your gluts. Alternate legs for 20 reps total.
    That's the workout! I sure do hope your gluts are feeling the love!. Go through this complete workout one time and if you have more time repeat for another one or two more rounds. Let me know how it goes and I'll see you Friday!! OH! I'm doing an ABS in APRIL challenge starting on Friday! Check out my Instagram feed for more details and a chance to win some swag! If you're not following me on Instagram do that NOW! xoxo
  • Wednesday Workout–On the Floor!

    Greetings Squad! Today's workout is all about the core and it's all on the floor! I'm excited to announce I'm working on a new deck of fitness cards! The next deck of cards will launch in May and it will contain 30 full core workouts!  Guaranteed to work your entire mid-section, help you build a better awareness of all your postural muscles, and you will even get your heart rate up a bit! Here's a preview of some of the exercises you will find in the next handy fitness deck!
    • Break dance plank: Get in your solid plank, step one leg forward to the side of same hand, kick other leg under, twist as you lift opposite hand and touch that foot. Step back to your solid plank and do it on the other side. Do 20 reps total.
    • Opposite arm and leg reach: Back in that solid plank, reach one arm out and the opposite leg lifts as well. Really think energy from fingertips to toes and engage the whole core as you lift and lower your limbs with control. Do 20 reps total here as well.
    • Wide mt. climbers: Starting in that plank again, step one leg out to the side of same hand and then dynamically switch sides. Keep doing the switches for 30 seconds. Try and keep your focus forward of your hands or just beyond. That way you don't get loosey goosey through your back and belly.
    • Knee hug 'X' kick-outs: Start on bum and really hug your knees tight engaging your belly. Slowly lower down to an 'X' with your head, arms and feet hovering off the floor. Get back up to your bum and hug your knees again. Do 15-20 reps.
    • Oblique plank series: Lay on one side propped up on elbow and legs extended to the side long out from hips. Lift and lower your hips away from the floor for 15 reps. Then pull that top knee in and out and kick forward then back to start. Do 10 reps of those. This one is pretty challenging so if you need to lower you bottom knee do so, just don't let your hip touch the floor. Flip over to the other side and do all this business there!
    That's the workout! Do the whole thing at least one time through and then of course if you have more time repeat it for another set or two! It's a fantastic one that will help you inch closer to those six pack abs--or whatever midsection you desire ;-). Tag this workout on the end of another workout, or do it at home or wherever you may be. Have fun and let me know how it goes! AND stay tuned for my next Bod Squad on Deck Fitness cards! xxoo  
  • Down Ups Full Body Workout!

    Greetings and Happy St. Patrick's Day my squad! I hope you're all having a wonderful day! I am a day late for my Wednesday home workout but I got it in this week none-the-less.  Today is all about getting up and down from the floor without any added weight or equipment. I believe this is a use it or lose it concept. As we age it's going to get harder and harder to get down to the floor and increasingly harder to stand back up from it. If we don't exercise in full range movements and practice deeper knee bends and different, sometimes precarious ways of using our arms to get up and down from the floor we will eventually lose that range and strength all together. I get it. I've been injured before as well and sometimes it's just not possible to perform such exercises. But it's important that we try and that we push a little beyond our comfort zones to make such movements possible.  I work with all different aged people and people dealing with different physical limitations so I tried to make this workout accessible to everyone. I will offer details and modifications and just do your best. Again, try to push to that point of discomfort--not pain and you will get stronger and the movements will become more possible. So before you have that green beer or corned beef and cabbage tonight try out some of these exercises!
    • Down up legs with arms up: Think of opposition here. Really pull your energy through your core and think of energy going up even as you lower to the floor. Alternate sides for a total of 16 reps. If you can't kneel down do squats with your arms up and keep the same idea in mind of energy going up.
    • Single leg squat to chair: I LOVE bi-lateral movements! It keeps us honest about where any weakness might be and forces us to work a little harder to even the strength discrepancies out. One leg extended out in front, close to a chair or couch lower down to your seat and then press back up. 10 reps each side. Of course if you need to use your arms put them down for a quick second to assist.
    • Side plank with leg lift: Ok, this one is kind of hard. Get in a side plank with top leg on couch, bottom leg down. Press yourself up so your obliques and core are supporting you and then lift and lower bottom leg. I really feel my core here and my inner thigh of the top leg. That's where I'm weak so I felt this was a good one to show. Do 10 reps per side. If you need to, you can use your top hand on the floor for support.
    • Plank couch climb: In that solid plank position with your body extended out even further, climb one hand up to couch then the other and lower back to floor. Alternate lead arms for 10 reps each arm. Of course you can do this from your knees if you need to modify.
    • Down up arms in a plank: Same idea but on the floor. You'll really feel your abs and triceps in this position. Do 10 each arm again and you can lower to your knees to modify.
    • Turkish flow: This is a fun take on the turkish get up. Keep your focus up on extended arm, lower opposite leg to a lunge bringing knee to floor, sweep other leg around and press up in a crab position. Retrace the movement back to the start. Do 5 reps each side for a whole body treat. Do your best...not sure how to modify so might not be for everyone.
    • Tuck jump 1/2 burpees: I couldn't leave this movement out. After all, it's the best full body blast! And there is no push-up here. You're welcome. If you can't jump just squat and lift each knee then lower down to plank. If you can't get in a plank do squat and lift each knee then alternate lunges back. Do 10 reps of this.
    That's it!! Try do all exercises 2 times through. If you have more time do it all 4 times. I hope you give this a good effort and create some new goals for yourself. Have fun and let me know how it goes! Until next time, have a jolly good day!! xoxo  
  • Friday Favorites- Apple Cider Vinegar

    Friday Favorites- Apple Cider Vinegar

    Greetings Squad!! Today's Friday Favorite is Apple Cider Vinegar. I am sick right now. Boo-hoo!! And I have been quite a bit this winter which is not like me. It's been about 5 years since I have had a winter like this. I try and eat a well-rounded, nutrient rich diet and I try and get plenty of sleep. Of course exercise is my life so I'm good there. I also live a pretty low stress lifestyle which is fabulous. So when looking at all the "reasons" why I might be getting sick this winter I can't quite pin-point one. I have decided to add BACK to my life some different supplements and rituals in hopes of getting fully healthy and ridding my body of illness. One of the supplements I'm adding back is Apple Cider Vinegar! I used to take a shot of this daily--sometimes even three times daily-- and then I stopped, like humans do, I fell out of the habit. I've decided to get back on it! There are so many wonderful benefits to taking apple cider vinegar daily. The main reasons I want to get back on it is for overall wellness, energy and digestion. When it comes to illness apple cider vinegar is fabulous because it's high in potassium which thins mucus and its high acidity helps prevent germ growth. I wish I would have started taking this the minute I got my FIRST cold of the season! Live and learn. Apple cider vinegar is great for your digestive system. The pectin helps soothe your intestinal tract, it also has antibiotic properties that can kill off any bad bacteria if that's your problem. It has been known to lower bad cholesterol--wonderful alternative to medication. It even suppresses your appetite, increases your metabolism, decrease water retention and interferes with the body's absorption of starch which means fewer calories in the blood stream. That right there is reason enough to add apple cider vinegar to your regimen. Because I workout so hard and I start my day so early I tend to hit a GIGANTIC wall in the middle of the afternoon. All the lactic acid in my body causes extreme fatigue and I used to think napping was the key but now I'm thinking otherwise. Apple cider vinegar has been known to help relieve that tired feeling.  It's high in potassium, amino acids and enzymes which can aid in flushing lactic acid from your body and making you feel more energized! Another HUGE reason for me to add this back to my life. There are so many other benefits to taking apple cider vinegar. Of course I'm not a doctor and not suggesting everyone start taking it. I just wanted to share a little insight into what I'm doing and I'll let you all know how it goes! Let me know if you supplement with apple cider vinegar and all the benefits you enjoy! Happy weekend squad! xoxo     
  • Wednesday Workout-Plyometric Training!

    Greetings squad! Today our workout is all about plyometric training. I'm sure I've said this to you all before and I'll say it many more times, you have to add variety to your workouts in order to maximize your total fitness level. Plyometric training is a great way to add that variety and shock your body into some fabulous fitness gains. What is plyometric training you ask? Well it is considered jump training but it's true definition is forcing the muscles to stretch and contract quickly in an explosive manner (like jumping) and in short intervals of time which then increases muscle power. Who doesn't want muscle power?! Plyometrics are usually done with no added weight or very light weight. Our muscles consist of both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. The fast twitch fibers are tapped into when working anaerobically, lifting heavy weights or during explosive exercises. Slow twitch fibers are used when doing endurance exercises such as running or walking and they aren't as high in absolute strength. Plyometric training focuses on the fast twitch muscle fibers--my favorite! Today I'm giving you a total plyometric workout. But you can infuse these exercises into your other workouts. You can place them at the beginning or the end of a workout sequence. You can do them immediately after a similar exercise, like walking lunges followed by jump switch lunges. You could even substitute a full cardio session with this plyometric workout. You will still burn plenty of calories both during the workout and for hours to come after you're finished. So check out this workout and fit plyometrics into your fitness routine:
    • Squat jumps: Squat low, explode up-10 reps
    • Plyometric push-ups: Lower in your push-up then explode from the bottom lifting your hands off. You can do this with a clap if you'd like. And you can even perform these on your knees. 10 reps
    • Jump switch lunges: Get in that low lunge and then jump to switch feet. 10 reps each leg
    • Lateral hop burpees: Always have to add a burpee into plyometric training. Tuck your knees up as you hop laterally, drop to your push-up and then repeat jumping back the other direction. 10 reps
    • Single leg hop: Really spring up off that one leg and even try and pull your knee up. 10 reps per leg
    • Crab reach hops: In your crab position, reach opposite hand to foot and add a little hop into the mix. 20 reps total
    • Step/box/couch or bed jumps: Choose your platform and then jump on and off it. 10 reps
    That's the workout! Get through this whole sequence and if you can repeat it 2-3 more times. This was super challenging my friends but really fun as well. And of course take some of these exercises and throw them into your other workouts throughout the week. Have fun and see you on Friday!!
  • Wednesday Total Body Blast!

    Greetings Squad and welcome to the middle of the week!! It's a beautiful day so I had to take today's workout outside. Here in SLC you never know if it'll be sunny one day and snowing the next. I couldn't ask for a better, more energizing day! Today's workout is a total body blast and it's more about the reps than it is about the time. The goal of today's workout is to do as many rounds as you have the time for. So add this to another workout you've done today OR if you didn't have time to get a longer workout in have no fear! This should give you a good kick in your butt! So grab some water and get moving. Remember you will feel so happy and accomplished knowing you took a little time for yourself today.
    • Burpee roll-over crab kick: I was inspired from one of my IG friends Caroline @pinkphys. She is an energizer bunny with some really fun combos to get her friends moving everyday, check her out. With this burpee, do your regular burpee and add 4 crab kicks to each rep. Go for 10 of these.
    • Side to side leap: 20 leaps total.
    • Oblique push-ups: 15 reps per side. Of course you can always put your top hand down or bottom knee down for support.
    • Cross lunge: 20 reps of these.
    • Cross leaps: Like a jump switch lunge but crossing your legs like the cross lunge. 20 reps total here. This one is really fun so make it explosive and jump as high as you can with each rep.
    • Pike-up abs: On your back, lift your body up into your best V sit. 15 reps here. Of course if you can't get your legs totally straight you can bend your knees.
    That's the workout! Not too bad and it really is an energizing kick in the tush! Try to do all of these exercises 2-4 rounds if possible. Remember, any movement is better than no movement. So do your best and as many as you can. Until next time my friends! Have a beautiful day! xoxo  
  • Water, drink it up!

    Greetings squad! How hydrated are you? It's a key question when trying to be your healthiest and most fit! But how much water do you really need? Your body is 60% water and every system in your body depends on the stuff. Water flushes out toxins in vital organs, it carries nutrients to your cells, it even keeps your ear, nose and throat moist and functioning properly. Dehydration is, of course, when you don't have enough water in your body and that can really reek havoc on your entire body. Even mild dehydration can cause a big dip in your energy levels. So of course when it comes to being healthy and performing at your optimal levels you must stay on top of your hydration by consuming plenty of fluids and foods that are high in water content throughout the day. The Institute of Medicine determined that adequate water intake (AI) for men is on average 13 cups and for women the AI is 9 cups. Of course these are all just recommendations and other factors need to be considered when deciding how much water you need in a day. If you exercise for short periods of time (less than an hour) it is recommended that you add 1.5 to 2 cups of water to your day. More intense exercise (an hour or more) and depending on how much you sweat, will require more and possibly even some sports drinks to bring your sodium levels up. I recommend 8 oz. of water before, during and after your sweat sesh. Of course if you're exercising more than an hour you should double that intake and really listen to your body. If you're thirsty, you're already somewhat dehydrated so don't get to that point. Another rule of thumb I like to follow is drink 8-10 oz. of water every hour. So while at work or home you can even set an alarm to remind yourself it's time for more water!! Other fluids, even wine and coffee, can count as having water. But don't get too excited! It's best to count your water intake from the good, old natural source. Can't stand the taste of water? I hear you at times. Sometimes I drink sparkling water to get it all in.  You can also flavor your water with cucumbers, orange, lemon and lime slices and even different herbs. Whatever it takes, try to get it in! When it comes to weight loss and maintaining your figure stay hydrated! Your digestive system will function at its best and your body will eliminate waste more efficiently. Your muscles will stay smooth and ready to fire when working out. And you'll be able to flush out the waste products more efficiently after your workout and recover faster. So make it your goal today to be aware of just how much water you're consuming and then try and beat that! I'm going to make it my goal as well. I'm a big time sweater and I know I can benefit from drinking more H2O. Let's just see how good we can all feel and how much better we can perform. Until next time my friends!!     Sparkling water with Lime
  • Wednesday Leg Workout!

    Greetings Squad! Today we're working the legs. It's important when planning your leg workout to try and incorporate different angles. Working front side, back side, laterally, up and down and of course a little jumping in there too. There are about a million and one ways to work your legs and I'm just showing a handful to give you all some ideas to do at home if you can't make it to the gym OR if you just want to add an extra calorie burn to your day. I didn't show these exercises with weights but if you have some handy then by all means grab them. Often times, women especially, are afraid of using weights in fear of getting too big. It's ok to use just your bodyweight  but adding a little extra weight to the mix will shock your muscles into growing into a more efficient, calorie burning machine! You benefit both while doing the workout and for hours to come after the workout is complete. Really the name of the game is to change things up often and try a variety of weights and exercises. Our ultimate goal is to be capable of doing a variety of exercises and activities in life. The more we vary what we do the more likely we are to be well-rounded, abled bodies. So keep that in mind when it comes to strength training. I digress, the workout for today is mostly a timed workout except for one exercise--the butt fly. I will explain all in further detail but plan on 30 seconds for each exercise as many rounds as possible.
    • Squats
    • Lunges: either stepping forward or backward and really bending the back knee (my pet peeve when people don't)
    • Jump switch lunges: try to make these quick and explosive
    • Squat walk forward and back with band: if you don't have a band then just get in a squat and waddle forward and backward
    • Tuck jumps: again as explosive as you can. Shock that metabolism!
    • Lateral lunges: keeping one leg straight and bending the other knee
    • Butt fly: here's the lovely one. On your belly do 10 reps of straight legs coming up, in, open and lower followed by 20 heel squeezes up. The whole time focusing on what? The BUTT!
    • Side step up: 30 seconds per side
    • High knee run
    That's it! It's a good one that you should feel right away and possibly tomorrow as well! Have fun until we meet again! xxoo
  • Quick Protein Packed Meal!

    Quick Protein Packed Meal!

    Greetings squad! I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite, quick and satisfying, protein packed meals! And this is so easy! Everything on this plate is made ahead of time. All you have to do is assemble it. I got these beautiful, organic, hard-boiled eggs at Costco. Yes! Read More
  • Wednesday Workout!

    Greetings Squad! I have had a lot of changes in my life. I got a new baby! Not the human kind but a sweet little puppy we have named Pippa. She is a delight! With this new addition to my life I have not had a lot of time for many other activities, like blogging. Yikes! This reminds me of the time my beautiful daughters were born. I completely understand why new parents give up on their fitness goals. My home workout today is all about working out with your little one. Again, you can do several sets of the workout below all at once or spread it throughout the day. Find little moments throughout the day to get some movement in your life no matter what challenges life throws at you!
    • Squats with baby
    • Plank hops: In your solid plank hop on all fours side to side. Of course if this is too difficult then you can always just walk your plank side to side.
    • Donkey kick burpees
    • Long jump bear crawl: Two long jumps and 4 bear crawls back to where you started.
    • Split squat with baby: One foot on a couch or stool, other in front of you like a lunge. Hold that sweetie tight and then lower and then bend and stretch. You can always add a little press up of your baby.
    That's the workout! You should feel a total body burn by the time you're through all these exercises. Do each exercise for 30-45 seconds and try to get 3-4 full sets. Again, do your best! Remind yourself how lucky you are to be moving your body and how great it feels to be alive. Even if it's a little uncomfortable at times. Have fun and I'll see you soon!!
  • Wednesday Workout with Bands!

    Greetings squad! I have come to the conclusion that Wednesday will be my home workout day! Today we are using a band! I love these things, especially for travel! And since I'll be doing that very soon, hallelujah, it's time to revisit some exercises I love to do while traveling. If you don't have a band yet they are super easy to find online and super affordable. Here we go!
    • Spider walks and forward reaches: Such a great exercise for the core and arms. Place band around wrists, get in a solid plank, walk hands side to side then reach one arm forward at a time.
    • Squat side steps: Great for the hips and thighs. Place band around ankles, get into a deep squat, engage core and then step side to side staying low the whole time.
    • Band press back: This is #harderthanitlooks especially if you're doing it right. Take the band around the middle of one foot and the ankle of the other. Standing knee is soft and core is engaged. Press the band back and then release slightly. The key here is to keep the band from pushing your knee too far forward. Don't let the band win!
    • Band curls: Another super tough one if you do it right. Really keep the knee back from the standing knee. Don't have your knees in line with each other. If you keep that knee back you might find your range of motion is smaller...because it's so tough! You will really isolate your hamstrings here so be diligent about form.
    • Plank side steps with band at ankles: You will really feel your core here. Keep your shoulders over your hands and your butt down as you step side to side.
    • 180 squat jumps: I can't do many workouts without adding a jump. The band just adds another dimension to an already fun yet difficult move.
    • Leg pulses side: Just to seal the deal! Stand on one leg with knee soft, other leg just press out into that band!
    That's the workout! Do all these exercises for 30 seconds each. If you have time try to get 2-3 rounds of this workout. If not, do what you can and squeeze more in later. I hope you like this workout and are inspired to add this to your repertoire today! See you soon!!  
  • Home Tabata Workout!

    Greetings Squad, I hope the new year is finding you all motivated, happy and most of all taking care of yourself. Still having trouble getting your workout in and crushing your goals? Well today's workout should help you eliminate at least one of your excuses--not making it to the gym! You can do this high-intensity, interval training, tabata style workout in the comfort of your own home. You against you! You decide how hard you work and how bad you want to get fit this year and take care of yourself! So here we go!
    • Burpee donkey kicks: Get in front of a coach or ottoman, jump up high, place hands down and do a donkey kick bringing feet up onto your furniture of choice.
    • Plank jacks: On your elbows or hands, get into a solid plank and jump feet open and close as fast as you can. Really keep your abs engaged so your back doesn't sag.
    • Jump switch hitch kicks: Just like a regular jump switch lunge but add a little kick to your switch! That way you'll work your flexibility a little more and your heart rate will get up a little higher.
    • Spiderman push-ups: As you do a regular push-up bring your elbow to your knee. If this is too difficult do a push-up and then bring your elbow to your knee.
    • Triceps dips: On your couch with your feet lifted to make it harder. Bend and extend your elbows doing a dip.
    • Seated leg lifts and hip lifts: On the floor with legs extended out in front of you. Lift your legs and then lift your hips up and back behind arms really engaging your core to make this happen.
    That's the workout! The rule is 20 seconds of effort and 10 seconds of rest--4 rounds for each exercise. You can do each exercise individually this way, you can pair two exercises and go back and forth, or you can go down the list but making sure to do each exercise 4x with the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off rule.  Go for it and let me know how it goes!! xoxo
  • Ways to Get Happier

    Greetings Squad! As we begin the new year I'm sure we're all feeling optimistic that this year is going to be amazing! I do love the beginning of a new year. I like setting goals, getting organized and the sense of hope that each new year brings. I consider myself a pretty happy person. Of course I have my days or moments that aren't so happy, we all do. But this year one of my goals is to be more positive and truly happy. Here are some ways I'm hoping to achieve more bliss:
    • Logging it. I got myself a cute day planner this year. I'm going old school! I'll use this planner in addition to my iPad. In this planner I'm going to write down one thing I'm grateful for everyday. This can be done at the beginning, end or mid-day, whatever works! I believe when we acknowledge what we are grateful for we can't help but be happier.
    • Try new things. These don't have to be huge but new to me. Whether that's a new workout style, a new fashion trend, a new food, or something I find completely terrifying I want to make this the year of trying new things.
    • Write thank you notes. EVERY YEAR I tell myself I'm going to do this. THIS is the year I will! I love the art of a simple thank you note. Whenever I receive one my heart is full and taking the time to write a little thank you to someone else helps me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by wonderful people.
    • Move more. For those of you that know me, you know I move a lot. I do, however, hit a low just about every afternoon. My day starts super early and can sometimes end a little late. BUT I know from experience that if I take even 5 minutes to exercise when I hit my low, I am SO much happier.
    • Set goals. This whole online business is new and foreign to me but I'm ready to take it on! I am going to set a timeline with small goals along the way and learn from the process. I've been wanting to try something different with my career for years now so here I go!!!
    I hope happiness finds you all this year as well. What are your tips for getting happy? xoxo  
  • Day 25 Holiday Survival Guide

    Greetings Squad! Well we made it to one holiday! I hope you're enjoying today and this time of year. And I truly hope you found sometime to relax today and be with the ones you love. I don't consider the holidays over yet! We've got to make it to one more holiday. I know between now and New Year's it will be less stressful for me and I'll be more on track with my workouts. But my kids are still home and there are still party's to attend which means more eating and drinking off schedule so I'm still going to try and add some extra workouts into my days so that I'm not behind come the new year. Join in the fun with me! Try this workout. In between cleaning and putting away new treasures throw in a couple of these exercises. I really love today's  workout because it is fast, it does work the whole body, it does shock your metabolism and it is really easy to keep your end goal in sight. I call this "10-1's". With these two groups of exercises you'll start with 10 reps of each, then 9 reps of each, 8 reps of each, etc. etc. until you count down to one rep of each. Then you'll move on to the next two exercises and do the same number of repetitions. That's it! Straight forward, a lot of getting up and down off the floor which is really good for your whole body and you'll feel your muscles and your heart burn with delight and praise that you took the time to take care of them today. Let's do this!!
    • Burpees: You know and love these right? Don't forget to add the push-up to each burpee. Of course you can modify by omitting the jump and just squat and you can always do the push ups on your knees if you need to.
    • Push-up opposite arm and leg reach: More push-ups, I know. Do your solid push-up and then reach opposite arm and leg with control. Really pull those abs in. Of course if you need to do a push-up on your knees do so and then lift up to your toes for the arm and leg reach.
    10-1 of those two exercises and then move onto the next two exercises.
    • Star jumps: Squat down really low and then jump up and make a star shape with your body.
    • Teaser abs: This is a Pilate's exercise. Start on your back with arms and legs extended long. Lift up to your bum with knees bent and arms straight out from your shoulders. Extend arms and legs up the best you can and then lower with control. A really fabulous exercise for your core.
    10-1 of those two exercises and then you're done!  Nice work squad! So if you can do both groups of exercises in one session awesome! If not, do the first group now and the next group later. Feel the gratitude in your whole body! That's it for today. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and I'll see you all tomorrow!! xoxo
  • Day 21 Holiday Survival Guide

    Welcome back squad! We're keeping today's workout nice and grounded. All exercises are performed on the floor! Check out these great core moves you can incorporate into your day!
    • Push-up reach: Pretty self-explanatory. Get in your perfect push-up plank, do your push-up and as you come up reach one arm forward. Do 10-20 total reps of this. Of course if you need to do push-ups on your knees you can and then lift your knees off the floor to reach one  arm forward.
    • Crab reaches: Get in a crab position (belly up, feet and hands on the floor). Lift one leg and reach opposite hand for foot. Alternate sides for 20 total reps. This is a great exercise for your core if you really twist into the reach.
    • Spider to plank tuck jumps: Get in a deep squat with hands touching the floor. Walk one foot back into a low lunge, other foot back as well so you get into a plank then walk them back to hands. Jump your feet back to plank, jump forward to hands, back to plank, forward to hands again. Do 10 reps total of this.
    • Break dance kick side to side: In your plank jump one leg forward, kick other leg under and twist to it reaching opposite hand to foot. Quickly switch to other side. Alternate sides for 10-20 reps total.
    • Side plank pretzel reach: In your side plank reach top arm up and twist reaching other arm under body then back up. This really challenges your core and balance. Do 10-15 reps each side.
    That's the floor workout today my friends! Get through this whole workout at least one time. If you can squeeze in 2-3 rounds even better!! Have a wonderful day and I'll see you tomorrow!
  • Day 19 Holiday Survival Guide

    Welcome back Squad! Today we're working off the couch...literally ;-). You can do this off your bed or a chair, anything like that will do! Here we go!
    • Climb up downs on couch: Start in a long plank with hands on couch, feet on floor. Lower hands to floor one at a time and then back up. Do 10 reps and then switch lead arms. You can always do this from your knees if you need to.
    • Legs up crunch twist: Place calves on chair or couch and back flat on floor. Curl up and twist reaching opposite hand for opposite foot. Do 10 reps each way.
    • Oblique inner thigh leg work: Lay sideways on the floor with one elbow down and one foot on the couch. Lift your body up off the floor and stay in a solid side plank there. Then lift and lower your bottom leg up and down. You will really feel the inner thigh of the top leg working as well as your obliques and shoulder. Do 10 reps per side.
    • Quick taps onto couch: Pretty self-explanatory. Try to keep your pace up and really lift your legs tapping one foot on the couch at a time. Go for 30 reps each leg.
    • Ninja jump to couch jump: I just did this one for fun. You can always put your hands for a quick second to help yourself off the floor from your knees. And if your couch is too high then you can just do a step up and down off the couch. OR you can omit this one altogether ;-). Try to do 8-10 reps of this.
    That's it! Try and do this whole workout 2 times through, but if you can then squeeze in 3-4 rounds. Great work everyone and keep that body moving! See you soon!!
  • Day 17 Holiday Survival Guide

    Welcome back squad! It's level change day! I  just made that up, but our workout is all about level changes. Getting up and down off the floor is so good for you! I like to think of it as an ant-aging exercise. I've seen too many people lose the ability to get up and down off the floor. Use it or lose it my friends! If you don't force yourself to keep at certain movements in your life you will lose the ability to do them at all. If it's a little uncomfortable now to get up and down off the floor think how much harder it will be in a few years from now. You have to stick with it, build strength in your body and increase your threshold for some not so comfortable moves. This workout will do just that!
    • Down up knees and jump: Standing up tall lower one knee to the floor, then the other knee, stand back up and jump! Then lead with the other leg. Do 12 reps of these making sure to alternate lead legs the whole time. Try not to put your hands down but if you need to do that in order to accomplish this exercise then please do!
    • Down up arms to oblique plank jump: Get in your solid plank on hands and toes. Lower one elbow to the floor, the other elbow, then come back onto hands, jump knees to one side of arms and then the other. Do it again leading with the other arm. Do 10 reps total of this exercise.
    • Burpees: Same as they ever were! Except for the tuck jump when you jump. Of course modify  if you need to. Do 10 reps of these.
    • Roll back jump ups: These are so great but scary to some people. I showed the modified version where you cross your ankles to come up. This really helps with getting up off the floor. The goal is to not put your hands down but of course if you need to then use a hand for a quick second and work yourself up to doing it without touching a hand to the floor. Try and alternate which ankle you cross in front. There is a little mental moment with which foot is in front and sometimes a challenge to your coordination but that's an anti-aging benefit as well!! Do 10-16 reps total of this.
    • Plank side hop jump ups: This looks a little harder than it is. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good challenge but it is possible. In your plank hop yourself side then back, jump in and jump up. The goal is to get both hands and feet off the floor at the same time. Of course if this isn't happening for you, you can just walk side to side in your plank instead of jumping. Do 10 reps of these.
    That's the workout my friends! Good stuff and a great high intensity challenge! Try to do all of this at least one time through. Three times through would be ideal but hey! We're surviving the holidays right now people! Keep moving, cut out the excuses and fit some exercise into each and everyday. You won't regret it! See you tomorrow!!
  • Day 14 Holiday Survival Guide

    Welcome back Squad! Today we're doing a little jumping, a little work on our hands and asking a lot from our legs and core. I hope you find this workout as energizing as I did! On a snowy day like today it's nice to know you can still get a workout in at home! The getting up and down off the floor really challenges your whole body, especially your heart. You will burn calories not only during the workout but for hours to come due to the high intensity and heart rate changes. Let's do this!!
    • Couch jumps: 10-15 jumps onto your couch. Of course if that's too hard, find a stool or a step that you can jump onto. Or if you're nervous about jumping onto something you can use your couch or stool as a marker for how high you should jump and then just proceed to jump on the solid ground.
    • Step ups: Put one foot on couch or stool and stand up lifting back foot off floor. Try to come all the way up on couch leg and lift the opposite knee high. Do 15 reps each leg.
    • Plank knee tucks: Get feet onto couch and alternate pulling one knee to chest at a time. Do 10 reps each leg. If that's too challenging just get into a plank on the floor and try it there. OR you can even just hold a plank for a minute.
    • Jump switches on couch: Start in that step up position again and alternate jumping to switch the leg that is on the couch or stool. Do 20 reps total.
    • Handstand donkey kicks: These are a great way to practice your handstands and at the very least to get some blood flow to the brain. Do 10 reps of these. If you don't like the idea of trying a handstand just kick up bringing feet off the floor. It doesn't have to be huge and you can even do one foot and then the other but try to get yourself a little upside down.
    That's the workout! Go for 3-4 rounds of all this business. And you know the story, do what you can now so if you're short on time try one round and come back to it later for another round of fun! Keep moving squad!
  • Day 11 Holiday Survival Guide

    Welcome back! Today is all about the gluts, booty, backside, whatever you want to call it! It is getting worked!! It's so important to have strong gluts, not only for aesthetics (like most people might think) but for overall physical conditioning. You can run faster, jump higher, climb mountains easier, ride bikes farther, the list could go on and on! So start today with this little glut workout.
    • Step forward kickbacks: One of my favorites. Start on all 4's and step one leg really far forward, as close to your hands as possible, and then kick that leg up and back squeezing through those gluts. If you're aiming for your hands you will get a great workout on your arms and your abs as well. So don't cheat on this one. Do 24-32 reps per side.
    • Side roundhouse kick: I like to do this one on my elbows because you get a little more core work and you give your wrists a break. Lift one leg up and out to the side as high as possible and then just extend and bend from the knee. Make sure it's true side and not diagonal back. Do 24-32 reps per side.
    • Single leg hip lift: On your back with knees bent and feet on the floor lift hips off the floor in a bridge pose then extend one leg up pointing toes towards the ceiling. Really engage through the glut of the leg that's on the floor and pulse your hips up squeezing through your gluts. Keep this motion controlled and not jerky. Abs should be engaged as well so it doesn't become a lower back exercise or pain. Do 24 reps each leg.
    • Heel squeeze prone: Lay on belly with hands under your forehead, knees bent and heels squeezing together. Lift your thighs off the floor by squeezing your heels together and engaging your gluts. Pulse up here for 24-32 reps. This should not feel like pain in your lower back. If it does feel painful you're not engaging your gluts to lift your legs, you're probably only using back muscles so really focus here.
    • Swimming: This is a great Pilates exercise. Laying on belly again, keeping abs engaged to support your back, lift arms and legs to hover off the floor and then in a quick motion alternate lifting opposite arm and leg even higher. You can use the breath pattern breathing in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 4. Do 10 rounds of the breath pattern moving the whole time.
    That's the workout! Once you've completed the final swimming exercise push your self back into a nice child's pose to stretch your lower back and gluts. Nice work everyone! You really only need to do everything one time. Of course if you'd like you can repeat this workout in a couple of hours or again before bedtime. Add some glut exercises into your weekly workout routine. You won't regret it! See you tomorrow!!
  • Day 10 Holiday Survival Guide

    Greetings Squad! "Legs for Days" is what I like to call todays workout. It's all about the legs and oh boy! You are going to feel the burn now and possibly the love for days to come.
    • Lunge knee lift: Stand tall and step one foot back into a lunge. Go down as low as you can go then lift that leg up leading with the knee. Really engage the whole front leg and zip up through your abs in as you stand up. Do 15 reps each leg.
    • Single leg hop side to side: Balance by standing on one leg and do a little hop side to side. Do 15 reps each leg.
    • Squat jumps: Stand with feet shoulder distance apart, sit down into a squat and then jump up and really explode out of that squat. Do 15 reps.
    • Squat side-to-side steps: Get down low in your squat and step side to side working the entire leg but especially focusing on the sides of the legs. Do 15 steps each way.
    • Jump switch lunges: Jump into your lunge and then jump to switch which leg is in front. Alternate by jumping from lunge to lunge for 15 reps each leg.
    That's the workout! The goal for this workout is to do 4 rounds of all this business. Of course if you don't have the time then try for at least 2 rounds. And remember you can always break these workouts up by doing a round now, a round in a couple of hours and a round before bedtime. Just keep your body moving and your heart a pumping!! Feel the love in your legs for days and days to come.  See you tomorrow squad!
  • Day 9 Holiday Survival Guide

    Greetings Squad!! It's all about working out while you're working today! I had a wonderful time taking Refined Wealth Management through the paces today. And I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. At the end of this fun and energizing workout Matt said, "Well that sure beats the 3:00 coffee. I feel great!" Yay!! It worked! Give some or all of these exercises a try at your own place of work. You might just be surprised with how energized and productive the rest of your day is.
    • Push-ups: Can be done on top of the table (like Matt demonstrated so beautifully), with your hands on the table (like Shayla and Ryan did with ease and perfect form), or you can do your good old push-ups on your knees or feet on the floor. Depending on what you're wearing to work that day of course. Do as many reps as possible here.
    • Triceps dips: We were having fun doing them against the window sill but of course you can do these off your desk or chair or whatever is available to you. Try for 10-20 reps of theses.
    • Squats: It was nice to have the table as a marker for range of motion but you can do this however you see fit. Really sit your hips back, bend at the knees like you're sitting in a chair and then stand back up squeezing through your gluts. Go for 20 reps here.
    • Single leg or two leg jumps: Now if you're in a place where jumping isn't super appropriate you can omit this one. If you're in a private office and can't travel down a hallway, as seen here, just do a bunch of squat jumps in place. Do 10 single hops each leg and 10 both legs.
    • Stretch side to side: This just feels good and you can do anytime, anywhere. Do 20 stretches each way.
    That's it!! See who you can get on board to join in this fun! If you don't work or aren't in an office space do this workout at home. Just keep your body in motion and don't give up on your fitness at this time of year. Happy Holidays and I'll see you tomorrow!!  
  • Day 8 Holiday Survival Guide

    Greeting squad! Today it's all about the plank! Great way to work your core, your arms, even your gluts and legs if you keep your focus whole body. And the plank is a more effective way to achieve the 6 pack we all desire than doing a million and one crunches. These exercises can bring a new awareness to your push-ups and these can be done just about everyday since you're working against your own bodyweight. So get down and work that plank y'all!!
    • Walk out to reach: Start in a fold over by hinging over at the hips. Put some weight in your hands and walk yourself as far forward as possible, reach one arm out then walk back to your starting position. Repeat on the other side. Do 10 reps of these.
    • Triceps push-up: A narrower placement of your hands than your typical push-up so try and place your hands right under your shoulders and keep your arms close to your body. Lower yourself to the floor allowing your shoulders to move forward over your hands, then press back up. Triceps push-ups are a bit harder than a regular push-up so if your range of motion is limited drop to your knees on these. Do 10-15 reps of these.
    • Down up arms: In that narrower plank position on your hands lower one elbow to the floor, the other elbow, come back up on your first hand and then the other hand. This can be done on your knees if needed. Keep those abs engaged and your legs and gluts held tight to support this position. Do 10 reps per lead arm.
    • Plank reach front and side: In your plank with your feet separated out wide and your body squared to the floor, reach one arm forward and side without any shift in your form. Of course if you're struggling with this lower yourself to your knees but still keep your body pushing forward. Do 10 reps each side.
    • Plank knee tuck in and jack wide: In the solid plank with weight moving forward over your shoulders jump your knees in towards your chest then back, jump your feet wide like a jack then back. You can do one leg at a time if it's too difficult to both legs together. Again, abs are engaged the whole time. Actually engage your entire body because it's much easier to move a solid mass than a jiggly one. Do 10 reps of this.
    That's the workout! Try for 2-4 rounds of all of this! And of course you can do a round now, another round in an hour, a couple of rounds before bed, or do them all at once. The key is to get your body moving and awake and keep that overall sense of well-being throughout your day. Let me know how it goes and don't forget to #jennysbodsquad if you post a picture or video. Great work squad and I'll see you tomorrow!
  • Day 7 Holiday Survival Guide

    Here we go! New week and our 7th day of surviving the holidays by staying active and on track with our health and fitness goals. This workout was a really fun one for me. It's always fun to use your home space a little out of the ordinary. And I recruited my little one to join in the fun. Clear the countertops, grab a workout partner if you can and get after todays workout!
    • Leg lifts to extend: Now I realize this is a pretty challenging one and not possible for everyone can do so I'll explain a modification. If you have two countertops nearby place a hand on each one. Engage your belly to lift your legs off the floor, extend out in front of you, bend knees in and lower back down. Too hard or you don't have two countertops available to you, try this on the floor. Seated on the floor with legs extended out in front of you and hands by your knees, lift both legs off the floor. If that's too hard do one leg at a time. Refer to yesterdays workout if you have questions. Do 5-10 of these bad boys.
    • Down dog push-up to crab dip: I was just having fun here. Get between two countertops with feet on one counter and hands on the other in a down dog position. Do a push-up then rotate over to a crab position and do a dip. If you can't do this on countertops then do the same action on the floor. Go for 5-10 reps of this.
    • Lift body up to countertop: Pretty self-explanatory. With back to countertop, hands on and fingertips facing forward, lift yourself up bringing butt onto counter. Lower back down with control. Great exercise for your arms and core and an action I think we lose overtime if we don't practice this. Do 10 reps of this.
    • Run around your kitchen: Super fun and childlike. Run around for 30 seconds-1 minute. If you're limited in space then do a jog in place.
    • Lift body up to countertop facing it: Again self-explanatory but harder than the first one. Hands on countertop facing it, engage your belly and press into your hands bringing your hips up. Really use your triceps and shoulders here and lift up as high as possible. Do 5-10 of these.
    There you have it! The workout of the day. One round of this is a great workout. If you can do two--even better. Again recruit anyone you have nearby. It makes it more enjoyable. But if you're alone it's still a super fun and different way to workout. Great work squad! I'll see you tomorrow for more fun and games!!!
  • Day 6 Holiday Survival Guide

    Welcome to Day 6 of my Holiday Survival Guide! It's the last day of the weekend or the beginning of a new week (however you like to look at Sunday) so I thought I'd make it a little more flow, yoga like and less rigorous altogether.
    • Forward stretchy lunges to a balance: Start on your toes with legs together and arms overhead. Step forward into a low lunge and try to stretch out the leg that's behind you. Step back with legs coming together and up on your toes to work that balance. Do 20 reps of these.
    • Warrior 2 to Half moon: Start in a warrior 2, so a lateral lunge with back leg straight, front leg really bent, arms out to side and body rotated open. Push forward into front leg lifting back foot off and pitch over aiming hand for the floor finding your half moon pose. Return back to warrior 2 with as much control as possible. This is a great exercise for the hamstring of the front leg. It's also a great core exercise if you really keep your focus on engaging your whole mid-section. Do 10 reps each side.
    • Push-up hops: Do a push-up and then a little hop forward. Push-up again and a little hop back. I know this isn't really "yoga" but it's a great exercise for your arms and wrists which prepare you for some arm balances later. If hopping isn't an option for you just travel or crawl forward and back instead of hopping. Do 10 reps total of these per set.
    • Leg lifts seated: Get in a seated position with legs straight out in front of you with your hands by your knees and your abs hollowed out making you a little rounded forward. Keeping your legs straight engage your belly and lift and lower your legs. If you can't get both legs off at a time then alternate lifting one leg at a time. Don't lean back though!! That's a mistake a lot of people make. They rock back to lift their legs and then it becomes much more about the hip flexors and less about the abs. Do 10-15 of these.
    • Wide Mt. Climbers: Get in your plank position with one leg forward in a lunge position on the outside of your hand. Pop your hips up to switch forward leg. Put a lot of weight in your arms and really pop yourself up with each switch. Do 20 reps each 40 total.
    • Handstand kick up: These are so day to day for me. Today wasn't one of my best. Just play around with your handstand though and kick up trying to find a little balance. Try for 5-10 kick ups. If you absolutely hate this idea just get into a down dog and hold letting blood drain into your head.
    That's the workout everyone! You can do this complete workout now and then again at the end of the day if you'd like. Or if you have time and feel up to it go through this complete workout two to three times. Have fun with it, test your balance, work your core and enjoy! See you tomorrow squad!
  • Day 5 Holiday Survival Guide

    Hello my lovely squad! Today is all about the hips! Some people might believe they only need to work their hips if they're concerned about the shape of their hips or if they want to lose weight from their lower half. Well the truth is, the stronger your hips are the stronger your core can become, the stronger your legs can become, the less likely you are to get injured and if you have a strong hip region your athletic performance can improve as well. The workout below is somewhat involved. It shouldn't take you too long but there will be a lot of explanation below. And get ready to feel a big old burn in your hips. Yikes!! Let's get after strengthening the hip region today!
    • Side plank push-ups: Get on your side on your elbow. Legs straight out from your hips. Lift and lower your body up and down off the floor. You can always modify by placing the bottom knee on the floor or the top hand for extra support. Do 15 reps each side.
    • Side leg lift series: Lay on your side with your back straight and your legs directly out in front of you. Really crease at your hips the best you can so a 90 degree angle if possible. Pulse your leg straight up for 16 reps. Circle your leg one direction 10 times, then reverse directions for another 10 reps. Tap toe in front of bottom leg and heel behind bottom leg really rotating from the hips. Do 8 reps each way of toe taps. Then just do toe tap in front 16 reps. Pull your knee to your chest 8 reps big and controlled, then speed it up for a smaller bend and extend for 8 reps. Pulse your leg straight again for 4 reps, then tiny bend extend 4 reps--repeat the pulse and bend extend 3 more times. WOW that's a lot!
    • Body up leg lifts: Staying on that same side lift your body up and forward, brace yourself with the top arm so you don't rock back and lose the straight line in your back. Lift and lower both legs 8 times, then pulse them smaller and faster 8 times. Bend extend both knees small and fast 8 reps--repeat the straight leg pulse again 8 more times.
    • Inner thigh straight leg lift: Laying on same side with bottom leg out straight, cross top leg over and place on floor. Lift and lower bottom leg 24 times. Circle bottom leg 16 times one direction then 16 times the opposite direction.
    • Side plank top leg lift: Get on the other side in a modified side plank. So on elbow, bottom knee down. Lift and lower top leg 16 times. Keep top leg up and pulse from the bottom hip up away from the floor 16 times.
    That's the workout!! You just do all that business one round through per side. Super great and effective workout you can do just about any day of the week. You can also add this to your core routine. Great work my squad! Let me know how it goes and don't forget to post a picture or video and #jennysbodsquad. See you tomorrow!!
  • Day 4 of Holiday Survival Guide

    It’s Friday! We made through the first week of December and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the upcoming weekend than with a HIIT session! What’s HIIT you ask? It’s High Intensity Interval Training and it’s been proven more effective than long, cardiovascular sessions. You completely shock your body by pushing your comfort zones and getting your heart rate up to a higher level faster. Your body has to play catch up with the change in heart rate and demand on your muscles, therefore you burn more calories not only during the session but for hours after the session. Bonus! It’s not a one and done experience like moderate cardiovascular training can be. You can run for an hour at a steady pace or do 10 minutes of HIIT, you choose. You actually benefit more for a longer period after your session is done with HIIT than you would the long hour of running. Perfect for this time of year when you have only a few minutes to spare. Here’s your workout to bust you into the weekend! • Burpees: I love these things too much. I know I’m a little sick, but it is a whole body celebration. The level changes, the demand on your heart, and the demand on your legs, core and arms…what more could you ask for?! Modify by not jumping but squatting if you need to. If you can’t jump into your plank just step back into it, and your push-ups can be done on your knees if you need. Do 30 seconds of this. • Mt. Climbers: In your solid plank with abs pulling in and weight pushing forward over your hands, alternate running your knees in towards your chest as fast as possible for 30 seconds. You can do this on your elbows if you have problems with your wrists. Alternate between the burpees and the climbers for 3-4 rounds of each with 10-15 seconds of recovery in between each exercise. Once you’ve completed these two exercises for 3-4 rounds you can rest and grab some water before moving onto the next group. • Jump switch lunges: Jump into a lunge and then jump to switch alternating legs for 30 seconds. If jumping isn’t an option for you just alternate lunges as quickly as possible. • Push-up opposite arm and leg reach: Get in your solid plank push-up position. Do a push-up and then press up reaching opposite arm and leg off floor. Really control reaching your limbs the best you can and engage your core. If you need to modify you can do a push-up on your knees and then lift knees off to do the opposite arm and leg reach. Do this for 30 seconds. Alternate between these two exercises for 3-4 rounds with 10-15 seconds off in between again. Take a break after the 3-4 rounds before moving onto the next group. • Skate leaps side-to-side: Leap side to side as far as possible trying to land on one foot at a time. If leaping isn’t an option you can step side-to-side in a low squat. Do this for 30 seconds. • Plank knee tuck and plank pike: Solid plank push-up position keeping shoulders over hands. Jump knees into chest really engaging your core then jump back to plank. Follow with a pike jump in trying to keep your legs straight and pop your hips up. Alternate between the two for 30 seconds. Same as before with alternating between these two exercises for 3-4 rounds with 10-15 seconds of recovery in between. That’s the workout! A great workout if you can do all the prescribed exercises. If you can’t or don’t have enough time go for as many rounds as possible of each group. You can do one group of exercises then go get something done, come back and do another set. Just get your metabolism revved and your body guessing. Let me know how it goes and enjoy the rest of your Friday!!
  • Day 3 Holiday Survival Guide

    Three days into our Holiday Survival Guide! Nice work Bod Squad! Today’s workout is super fun and of course a great challenge. It’s a stair workout my friends! If you don’t have stairs nearby get on a single step or a small stool. I will also offer modifications with each exercise below. So without further ado… • Run up and down stairs: You can land on each step or skip a bunch, just keep moving up and down the stairs for 30 seconds. If you’re on a single step or stool run on and off of that step, just be careful! If no step or stool is available to you run in place with high knees. • Jump on and off of one step: Land on two feet and take off two feet. Same thing applies with a single step or stool. If jumping isn’t an option for you try to jump onto the step and step down with no impact or step onto the step and jump down. Just be sure to get a little impact. No step or stool available? Do some squat jumps in place. Do this for 30 seconds. • Quick feet taps onto step: Be light on your feet and tap the step as quickly as possible. If you don’t have a step just quickly kick your legs out in front of you. Do this for 30 seconds. • Triceps dips off of step: Place your hands on a step, a stool, or a chair and roll your shoulders open. Bend and extend your elbows and really focus on extending your elbows all the way straight each time so you engage the backs of your arms, your triceps! Do this for 30 seconds. • Decline push-ups off step: Put feet up on the stairs or step and get into your push-up position. Keeping your abs super tight, bend and extend your elbows lowering and lifting yourself to and from the floor. If this is too difficult you can opt for a regular push-up on the floor or modify on your knees. Do this for 30 seconds. • Single leg hop up the stairs: This is a great challenge on balance and foot push off. My stairs are somewhat steep and really narrow so this one got me! You can always hold onto the rail lightly for a little support. Once you get to the top just run down. Of course you can do this on your single step or stool the best you can. If you don’t have a step just hop side to side on one leg at a time. Do each leg for 30 seconds with 10-15 seconds in between sides. • Pull-ups just for fun: Whenever I go down stairs I grab onto the overhang and try a couple of pull-ups. If this option is available to you go for it! Or if you have a pull-up bar, go try for 5-10 reps with each round of this workout. And there you have it! The stair workout in our Holiday Survival Guide. Way to go my friends! Try to complete this workout 2-5 times through. It all depends on the time you have today. You can do a round before dinner and a couple of rounds after. You can even do just a couple of exercises when you have the chance. A body in motion stays in motion and that’s my goal this Holiday Season! Let me know if you have any questions and how it’s going! See you tomorrow!!
  • Day 2 Holiday Survival Guide

    Day 2 of our Holiday Survival Guide! Thanks for joining me as we clean the floor…not only with our sweat but some towels too! This workout really does target the whole body. From your core to your arms to your legs and even your heart! Give this one a go today! • Hamstring glide pull: Get on your back in a bridge pose with hips lifted, abs pulling in and squeeze through your gluts. Feet can either be in socks if your floor is slippery enough, or you can grab two towels if on tile or hardwood. If on carpet, you can use two plastic plates or furniture movers. Do 10-15 reps focusing on the hips staying lifted throughout the exercise. • Knee tuck: Get in solid plank with towels, plates or socks at feet. Engage your whole body here by squeezing through gluts, keeping shoulders over hands and abs pulling in tight. Slide knees in towards chest and press back out. Focus on keeping weight going forward so try not to push body back towards feet. If two feet is too hard try one leg at a time. Do 10-15 reps. • One arm slide forward: Get on knees or toes if you can with towels or plates placed under hands. Shoulders right over hands so in a narrower placement. Slide one arm forward at a time while bending opposite elbow. This is a great challenge if you really go far out in front. Still squeeze through your gluts even if you’re on your knees and of course pull your abs in. Do 10 reps each arm. • Pendulum leg swings: Big time #harderthanitlooks! I really struggled with this but it’s a great option when working with towels or plates. Solid plank, shoulders over hands, abs in, legs straight. Swing legs as far to one side then back to center and to then the other side and back to center. Try not to move your upper body at all! Like I said, these are challenging so do your best and if it’s not happening for you just do one leg at a time. Do 5-10 swings each way. • Slide push-ups: In solid plank with towels under hands. Lower down to a push-up while sliding arms out to the side. This can be done on your knees if needed. Do 10-15 reps. • Mt. Climbers: Plank position, towels under feet, shoulders over hands, abs in. Alternate pulling one knee in at a time as fast as you can. Do 20 reps each leg. • Hamstring climbers: On back in bridge pose with hips really lifted, towels under feet. Same idea as Mt. climbers you will alternate running legs out and in as fast as possible while keeping hips up, abs in and gluts engaged the whole time. Do 20 reps each leg. And that’s the workout! WOW! It’s a lot and trust me I was really worked and sweating by the end of this. I was energized as well! So there you have it. Do this workout 2-4 cycles through depending on how much time you have. Don’t forget to let me know how it goes! Take a video, or post a picture or comment and #jennysbodsquad if posting on Instagram. Yay! Have a wonderful day!!
  • Holiday Survival Guide 2015

    Greetings Bod Squad, Welcome to December! All this month I am going to be posting a “Holiday Survival Guide” as we count down to the New Year. The holiday season is notoriously known for people gaining weight, losing control of their health and fitness plans, and pretty much giving up on exercise until the New Year. And I get it! It’s an overwhelming time of year for sure. But it can also be such a fun time and even more enjoyable if you know you can stay in shape, stay energized and not gain the typical 10 pounds that many people gain over the season. I want to help make this “staying on track” process even easier. So every day this month I am going to post a workout you can do at home, the gym, the office, or your hotel room. Wherever you may be this holiday season, there will be no excuse for not getting a little movement in each and every day. I might throw in a couple of tips here and there as well. So I hope you’ll check in daily to see the workout of the day and try and get in a little more movement this entire holiday season! Here we go!! WORKOUT 1: • Side-to-side squat step: Sit back into a challenging squat and step side to side for 30 seconds. If stepping side-to-side bothers your knees just hold a squat and pulse for 30 seconds. • Split squat: Place one foot on a chair, couch, step or ottoman with a slight bend in the knee. Place other leg out in front so you’re in a split lunge stance. Bend the front knee lowering your body down then stand back up. Do 30 seconds per side. • Split squat down to hands to one leg kick up: Same position as the split squat but lower hands all the way to the floor. Put some weight in your hands and kick the floor leg up into the air. If this isn’t going to happen for you, do your best to lower your hands to the floor then lift back up. Do 30 seconds per side. • Jumping jacks: Old school jacks 30 seconds. If you can’t do impact just alternate tapping one foot to the side at a time. • High knee runs: Old school again, running in place for 30 seconds. Really pick your knees up here. If you can’t take the impact then alternate lifting one knee up at a time as high as possible. That’s the workout!!! Yippee!! Do all of this at least one round, but of course if you have more time then go for 3 to 5 rounds. You can even intersperse your sessions throughout your day. Since it’s a little later into Day 1 now, try for one round before bedtime. You’ll sleep like a baby! Thanks for joining me on this journey! Our holiday season is going to rock!! See you tomorrow!!  
  • Eating Consciously

    Eating Consciously

    We have probably all kept a food journal once or twice in our lifetime…possibly even many more times. And we all know the benefits of keeping a food journal first hand, but for whatever reason have fallen out of the habit of journaling our nutritional intake. It can be a tedious task and sometimes a little boring. I can relate to ALL of this! Well, here are some simple reasons as to why we should give this food journaling thing another go!

    Unless you consciously track down everything you put in your mouth chances are you forget about the little nibbles you take while cooking. Or that handful of pretzels you grab on your way out the door. Those little moments of forgetfulness can lead to added pounds AND inches.

    I have had several clients over the course of my career tell me they eat so clean but can't seem to lose weight or change their physique. I will ask them about their diet specifically and they will give me a general run down of what they eat in a day. Usually it sounds pretty on point! I know they workout hard because I witness that first hand. So if they are eating as clean as they say they are and working as hard as I see them working, then why aren't they getting the results to match the effort? Most likely they are forgetting some of the extra calories that unconsciously pass their lips.

    There have been several studies done on the most effective ways to lose weight. The Journal of Dietetics and Nutrition conducted a study on two groups of obese women. Both groups exercised over the course of 6 months, but one group kept a food journal in addition to the exercise. On average, the group that kept the food journal lost an additional 6 pounds! Bottom line, the act of knowing you have to write down every last bite of food that passes your lips will most likely make you think twice about having that extra bite. You don't want to see that candy bar written on your paper! Seeing it in writing also give you the opportunity to keep track of your nutrients and make sure that you are eating the most nutritious, whole foods available to you.

    So pull out that pen and pad of paper and commit to at least one week of keeping a food journal. Especially as we are in the thick of the holiday season! See what happens and you might even be motivated to keep a food journal longer than a week! Let me know how it goes and good luck!!

  • Jenny’s Bod Squad in the House!

    Jenny’s Bod Squad in the House!

    Welcome to my new website, blog and lifestyle page! Jenny’s Bod Squad is all about ENERGY! My mission is to help people discover ways to get movement into their day and find joy in doing it. Jenny’s Bod Squad is not about the before and afters. For me it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you FEEL! Here’s the good part…you will naturally lose weight if you’re moving more. You will most likely crave nutritious foods the more you eat them.  The more we move…the more we want to move. The more we surround ourselves with good energy the more good energy finds us and the more good energy we put out. ENERGY BREEDS ENERGY!

    I want to create squads of like-minded people who are on a mission to feel better and enjoy life more. Yes, there will be work. And at times we might resent the workout in front of us or pine for something super decadent to eat. But with practice we can make these thoughts and exercises habits and establish a truly healthy lifestyle. Let’s become a SQUAD! We’re all in this together! Let’s all make the goal to move more ESPECIALLY when we are tired, wiped out and wanting that cup of coffee or afternoon nap. Studies have shown that even the simplest of motor movements produce adrenaline for both the mind and the body. So let’s all find little moments in the day where we can sneak in a little more movement. The opportunities are limitless. Say you’re waiting for the microwave to finish or the water to boil, do a bunch of jumping jacks. While brushing your teeth do some squats. While waiting for something to download on your computer do a jazzy little step touch. There are endless ways we can get more movement in our day and therefore increase the amount of energy we burn and feel the benefits of vitality. Follow Jenny’s Bod Squad for more tips on fitness, nutrition and an overall healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Let’s become stronger everyday TOGETHER!
  • Heavy Deadlifts

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  • 15 Push Ups

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  • Box jumps and single leg jump ups

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Video Demonstrations

  Learn to perform every exercise! The BodSquad exercise videos are here to help you reach your fitness goals.   More Videos

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