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Wood Watch Giveaway!

Greetings squad!!

Womens Wooden Watches

Lucky for us all it’s Wood Watch Giveaway time!! But first, it has been quite a while, I know. Summer is just that way for me. With my kids soccer schedule taking me all over town on top of my teaching and training schedule there hasn’t been much time to sit down and write dang it!! But right now I can’t think of a better subject to get me back in the swing of blogging than fitness and fashion! AND I’m super excited because I get to collaborate with a BEAUTIFUL watch company called JORD! Check out this gorgeous wood watch! Read More

Wednesday Workout–On the Floor!

Greetings Squad!

Today’s workout is all about the core and it’s all on the floor! I’m excited to announce I’m working on a new deck of fitness cards! The next deck of cards will launch in May and it will contain 30 full core workouts!  Guaranteed to work your entire mid-section, help you build a better awareness of all your postural muscles, and you will even get your heart rate up a bit! Here’s a preview of some of the exercises you will find in the next handy fitness deck!

  • Break dance plank: Get in your solid plank, step one leg forward to the side of same hand, kick other leg under, twist as you lift opposite hand and touch that foot. Step back to your solid plank and do it on the other side. Do 20 reps total.
  • Opposite arm and leg reach: Back in that solid plank, reach one arm out and the opposite leg lifts as well. Really think energy from fingertips to toes and engage the whole core as you lift and lower your limbs with control. Do 20 reps total here as well.
  • Wide mt. climbers: Starting in that plank again, step one leg out to the side of same hand and then dynamically switch sides. Keep doing the switches for 30 seconds. Try and keep your focus forward of your hands or just beyond. That way you don’t get loosey goosey through your back and belly.
  • Knee hug ‘X’ kick-outs: Start on bum and really hug your knees tight engaging your belly. Slowly lower down to an ‘X’ with your head, arms and feet hovering off the floor. Get back up to your bum and hug your knees again. Do 15-20 reps.
  • Oblique plank series: Lay on one side propped up on elbow and legs extended to the side long out from hips. Lift and lower your hips away from the floor for 15 reps. Then pull that top knee in and out and kick forward then back to start. Do 10 reps of those. This one is pretty challenging so if you need to lower you bottom knee do so, just don’t let your hip touch the floor. Flip over to the other side and do all this business there!

That’s the workout! Do the whole thing at least one time through and then of course if you have more time repeat it for another set or two! It’s a fantastic one that will help you inch closer to those six pack abs–or whatever midsection you desire ;-). Tag this workout on the end of another workout, or do it at home or wherever you may be. Have fun and let me know how it goes! AND stay tuned for my next Bod Squad on Deck Fitness cards! xxoo


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• Use Individually for an amazing AB workout
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