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Day 11 Holiday Survival Guide

Welcome back! Today is all about the gluts, booty, backside, whatever you want to call it! It is getting worked!! It’s so important to have strong gluts, not only for aesthetics (like most people might think) but for overall physical conditioning. You can run faster, jump higher, climb mountains easier, ride bikes farther, the list could go on and on! So start today with this little glut workout.

  • Step forward kickbacks: One of my favorites. Start on all 4’s and step one leg really far forward, as close to your hands as possible, and then kick that leg up and back squeezing through those gluts. If you’re aiming for your hands you will get a great workout on your arms and your abs as well. So don’t cheat on this one. Do 24-32 reps per side.
  • Side roundhouse kick: I like to do this one on my elbows because you get a little more core work and you give your wrists a break. Lift one leg up and out to the side as high as possible and then just extend and bend from the knee. Make sure it’s true side and not diagonal back. Do 24-32 reps per side.
  • Single leg hip lift: On your back with knees bent and feet on the floor lift hips off the floor in a bridge pose then extend one leg up pointing toes towards the ceiling. Really engage through the glut of the leg that’s on the floor and pulse your hips up squeezing through your gluts. Keep this motion controlled and not jerky. Abs should be engaged as well so it doesn’t become a lower back exercise or pain. Do 24 reps each leg.
  • Heel squeeze prone: Lay on belly with hands under your forehead, knees bent and heels squeezing together. Lift your thighs off the floor by squeezing your heels together and engaging your gluts. Pulse up here for 24-32 reps. This should not feel like pain in your lower back. If it does feel painful you’re not engaging your gluts to lift your legs, you’re probably only using back muscles so really focus here.
  • Swimming: This is a great Pilates exercise. Laying on belly again, keeping abs engaged to support your back, lift arms and legs to hover off the floor and then in a quick motion alternate lifting opposite arm and leg even higher. You can use the breath pattern breathing in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 4. Do 10 rounds of the breath pattern moving the whole time.

That’s the workout! Once you’ve completed the final swimming exercise push your self back into a nice child’s pose to stretch your lower back and gluts. Nice work everyone! You really only need to do everything one time. Of course if you’d like you can repeat this workout in a couple of hours or again before bedtime. Add some glut exercises into your weekly workout routine. You won’t regret it! See you tomorrow!!

Holiday Survival Guide 2015

Greetings Bod Squad,

Welcome to December! All this month I am going to be posting a “Holiday Survival Guide” as we count down to the New Year. The holiday season is notoriously known for people gaining weight, losing control of their health and fitness plans, and pretty much giving up on exercise until the New Year. And I get it! It’s an overwhelming time of year for sure. But it can also be such a fun time and even more enjoyable if you know you can stay in shape, stay energized and not gain the typical 10 pounds that many people gain over the season.

I want to help make this “staying on track” process even easier. So every day this month I am going to post a workout you can do at home, the gym, the office, or your hotel room. Wherever you may be this holiday season, there will be no excuse for not getting a little movement in each and every day. I might throw in a couple of tips here and there as well. So I hope you’ll check in daily to see the workout of the day and try and get in a little more movement this entire holiday season! Here we go!!


• Side-to-side squat step: Sit back into a challenging squat and step side to side for 30 seconds. If stepping side-to-side bothers your knees just hold a squat and pulse for 30 seconds.

• Split squat: Place one foot on a chair, couch, step or ottoman with a slight bend in the knee. Place other leg out in front so you’re in a split lunge stance. Bend the front knee lowering your body down then stand back up. Do 30 seconds per side.

• Split squat down to hands to one leg kick up: Same position as the split squat but lower hands all the way to the floor. Put some weight in your hands and kick the floor leg up into the air. If this isn’t going to happen for you, do your best to lower your hands to the floor then lift back up. Do 30 seconds per side.

• Jumping jacks: Old school jacks 30 seconds. If you can’t do impact just alternate tapping one foot to the side at a time.

• High knee runs: Old school again, running in place for 30 seconds. Really pick your knees up here. If you can’t take the impact then alternate lifting one knee up at a time as high as possible.

That’s the workout!!! Yippee!! Do all of this at least one round, but of course if you have more time then go for 3 to 5 rounds. You can even intersperse your sessions throughout your day. Since it’s a little later into Day 1 now, try for one round before bedtime. You’ll sleep like a baby!

Thanks for joining me on this journey! Our holiday season is going to rock!! See you tomorrow!!


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