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Friday Favorites!

Greetings Squad!

Ok, who doesn’t love a lot of skin products? Sometimes I consider myself a product whore and I thought I was alone. And then I talked with several other women and I realized several of us love a lot of skin care products as well!! I do love sharing my favorite skin care and beauty products and I absolutely LOVE hearing what other peeps are into. So today I’m sharing some of my new favorites!!

  • Glam Glow Youth Cleanse Daily Exfoiliant: I LOVE this shiz! It’s a wonderful deep, clay cleanser with little beads to exfoliate the pores. It’s gentle enough to use everyday even! I got this little gem at …wait for it….COSTCO! Read More

Quick Protein Packed Meal!

Greetings squad!

I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite, quick and satisfying, protein packed meals! And this is so easy! Everything on this plate is made ahead of time. All you have to do is assemble it.

I got these beautiful, organic, hard-boiled eggs at Costco. Yes! Read More


Friday Favorites!

Greetings Squad! I have been home from the sun and warmth of Mexico for a week now and I am missing it so much! This winter feels remarkably colder than I remember experiencing during most winters. We could all use a little sunshine I suspect so today I’d like to share one of my favorite takeaways from Mexico, Tajin! Read More

Wednesday Workout!

Greetings Squad! I have had a lot of changes in my life. I got a new baby! Not the human kind but a sweet little puppy we have named Pippa. She is a delight! With this new addition to my life I have not had a lot of time for many other activities, like blogging. Yikes! This reminds me of the time my beautiful daughters were born. I completely understand why new parents give up on their fitness goals. My home workout today is all about working out with your little one. Again, you can do several sets of the workout below all at once or spread it throughout the day. Find little moments throughout the day to get some movement in your life no matter what challenges life throws at you!

  • Squats with baby
  • Plank hops: In your solid plank hop on all fours side to side. Of course if this is too difficult then you can always just walk your plank side to side.
  • Donkey kick burpees
  • Long jump bear crawl: Two long jumps and 4 bear crawls back to where you started.
  • Split squat with baby: One foot on a couch or stool, other in front of you like a lunge. Hold that sweetie tight and then lower and then bend and stretch. You can always add a little press up of your baby.

That’s the workout! You should feel a total body burn by the time you’re through all these exercises. Do each exercise for 30-45 seconds and try to get 3-4 full sets. Again, do your best! Remind yourself how lucky you are to be moving your body and how great it feels to be alive. Even if it’s a little uncomfortable at times. Have fun and I’ll see you soon!!

Wednesday Workout with Bands!

Greetings squad! I have come to the conclusion that Wednesday will be my home workout day! Today we are using a band! I love these things, especially for travel! And since I’ll be doing that very soon, hallelujah, it’s time to revisit some exercises I love to do while traveling. If you don’t have a band yet they are super easy to find online and super affordable. Here we go!

  • Spider walks and forward reaches: Such a great exercise for the core and arms. Place band around wrists, get in a solid plank, walk hands side to side then reach one arm forward at a time.
  • Squat side steps: Great for the hips and thighs. Place band around ankles, get into a deep squat, engage core and then step side to side staying low the whole time.
  • Band press back: This is #harderthanitlooks especially if you’re doing it right. Take the band around the middle of one foot and the ankle of the other. Standing knee is soft and core is engaged. Press the band back and then release slightly. The key here is to keep the band from pushing your knee too far forward. Don’t let the band win!
  • Band curls: Another super tough one if you do it right. Really keep the knee back from the standing knee. Don’t have your knees in line with each other. If you keep that knee back you might find your range of motion is smaller…because it’s so tough! You will really isolate your hamstrings here so be diligent about form.
  • Plank side steps with band at ankles: You will really feel your core here. Keep your shoulders over your hands and your butt down as you step side to side.
  • 180 squat jumps: I can’t do many workouts without adding a jump. The band just adds another dimension to an already fun yet difficult move.
  • Leg pulses side: Just to seal the deal! Stand on one leg with knee soft, other leg just press out into that band!

That’s the workout! Do all these exercises for 30 seconds each. If you have time try to get 2-3 rounds of this workout. If not, do what you can and squeeze more in later.

I hope you like this workout and are inspired to add this to your repertoire today! See you soon!!


Home Tabata Workout!

Greetings Squad,

I hope the new year is finding you all motivated, happy and most of all taking care of yourself. Still having trouble getting your workout in and crushing your goals? Well today’s workout should help you eliminate at least one of your excuses–not making it to the gym! You can do this high-intensity, interval training, tabata style workout in the comfort of your own home. You against you! You decide how hard you work and how bad you want to get fit this year and take care of yourself! So here we go!

  • Burpee donkey kicks: Get in front of a coach or ottoman, jump up high, place hands down and do a donkey kick bringing feet up onto your furniture of choice.
  • Plank jacks: On your elbows or hands, get into a solid plank and jump feet open and close as fast as you can. Really keep your abs engaged so your back doesn’t sag.
  • Jump switch hitch kicks: Just like a regular jump switch lunge but add a little kick to your switch! That way you’ll work your flexibility a little more and your heart rate will get up a little higher.
  • Spiderman push-ups: As you do a regular push-up bring your elbow to your knee. If this is too difficult do a push-up and then bring your elbow to your knee.
  • Triceps dips: On your couch with your feet lifted to make it harder. Bend and extend your elbows doing a dip.
  • Seated leg lifts and hip lifts: On the floor with legs extended out in front of you. Lift your legs and then lift your hips up and back behind arms really engaging your core to make this happen.

That’s the workout! The rule is 20 seconds of effort and 10 seconds of rest–4 rounds for each exercise. You can do each exercise individually this way, you can pair two exercises and go back and forth, or you can go down the list but making sure to do each exercise 4x with the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off rule. 

Go for it and let me know how it goes!! xoxo

Ways to Get Happier

Greetings Squad!

As we begin the new year I’m sure we’re all feeling optimistic that this year is going to be amazing! I do love the beginning of a new year. I like setting goals, getting organized and the sense of hope that each new year brings.

I consider myself a pretty happy person. Of course I have my days or moments that aren’t so happy, we all do. But this year one of my goals is to be more positive and truly happy. Here are some ways I’m hoping to achieve more bliss:

  • Logging it. I got myself a cute day planner this year. I’m going old school! I’ll use this planner in addition to my iPad. In this planner I’m going to write down one thing I’m grateful for everyday. This can be done at the beginning, end or mid-day, whatever works! I believe when we acknowledge what we are grateful for we can’t help but be happier.
  • Try new things. These don’t have to be huge but new to me. Whether that’s a new workout style, a new fashion trend, a new food, or something I find completely terrifying I want to make this the year of trying new things.
  • Write thank you notes. EVERY YEAR I tell myself I’m going to do this. THIS is the year I will! I love the art of a simple thank you note. Whenever I receive one my heart is full and taking the time to write a little thank you to someone else helps me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by wonderful people.
  • Move more. For those of you that know me, you know I move a lot. I do, however, hit a low just about every afternoon. My day starts super early and can sometimes end a little late. BUT I know from experience that if I take even 5 minutes to exercise when I hit my low, I am SO much happier.
  • Set goals. This whole online business is new and foreign to me but I’m ready to take it on! I am going to set a timeline with small goals along the way and learn from the process. I’ve been wanting to try something different with my career for years now so here I go!!!

I hope happiness finds you all this year as well. What are your tips for getting happy? xoxo


Day 25 Holiday Survival Guide

Greetings Squad! Well we made it to one holiday! I hope you’re enjoying today and this time of year. And I truly hope you found sometime to relax today and be with the ones you love. I don’t consider the holidays over yet! We’ve got to make it to one more holiday. I know between now and New Year’s it will be less stressful for me and I’ll be more on track with my workouts. But my kids are still home and there are still party’s to attend which means more eating and drinking off schedule so I’m still going to try and add some extra workouts into my days so that I’m not behind come the new year. Join in the fun with me!

Try this workout. In between cleaning and putting away new treasures throw in a couple of these exercises. I really love today’s  workout because it is fast, it does work the whole body, it does shock your metabolism and it is really easy to keep your end goal in sight. I call this “10-1’s”. With these two groups of exercises you’ll start with 10 reps of each, then 9 reps of each, 8 reps of each, etc. etc. until you count down to one rep of each. Then you’ll move on to the next two exercises and do the same number of repetitions. That’s it! Straight forward, a lot of getting up and down off the floor which is really good for your whole body and you’ll feel your muscles and your heart burn with delight and praise that you took the time to take care of them today. Let’s do this!!

  • Burpees: You know and love these right? Don’t forget to add the push-up to each burpee. Of course you can modify by omitting the jump and just squat and you can always do the push ups on your knees if you need to.
  • Push-up opposite arm and leg reach: More push-ups, I know. Do your solid push-up and then reach opposite arm and leg with control. Really pull those abs in. Of course if you need to do a push-up on your knees do so and then lift up to your toes for the arm and leg reach.

10-1 of those two exercises and then move onto the next two exercises.

  • Star jumps: Squat down really low and then jump up and make a star shape with your body.
  • Teaser abs: This is a Pilate’s exercise. Start on your back with arms and legs extended long. Lift up to your bum with knees bent and arms straight out from your shoulders. Extend arms and legs up the best you can and then lower with control. A really fabulous exercise for your core.

10-1 of those two exercises and then you’re done! 

Nice work squad! So if you can do both groups of exercises in one session awesome! If not, do the first group now and the next group later. Feel the gratitude in your whole body! That’s it for today. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and I’ll see you all tomorrow!! xoxo

Day 21 Holiday Survival Guide

Welcome back squad! We’re keeping today’s workout nice and grounded. All exercises are performed on the floor! Check out these great core moves you can incorporate into your day!

  • Push-up reach: Pretty self-explanatory. Get in your perfect push-up plank, do your push-up and as you come up reach one arm forward. Do 10-20 total reps of this. Of course if you need to do push-ups on your knees you can and then lift your knees off the floor to reach one  arm forward.
  • Crab reaches: Get in a crab position (belly up, feet and hands on the floor). Lift one leg and reach opposite hand for foot. Alternate sides for 20 total reps. This is a great exercise for your core if you really twist into the reach.
  • Spider to plank tuck jumps: Get in a deep squat with hands touching the floor. Walk one foot back into a low lunge, other foot back as well so you get into a plank then walk them back to hands. Jump your feet back to plank, jump forward to hands, back to plank, forward to hands again. Do 10 reps total of this.
  • Break dance kick side to side: In your plank jump one leg forward, kick other leg under and twist to it reaching opposite hand to foot. Quickly switch to other side. Alternate sides for 10-20 reps total.
  • Side plank pretzel reach: In your side plank reach top arm up and twist reaching other arm under body then back up. This really challenges your core and balance. Do 10-15 reps each side.

That’s the floor workout today my friends! Get through this whole workout at least one time. If you can squeeze in 2-3 rounds even better!! Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Day 19 Holiday Survival Guide

Welcome back Squad! Today we’re working off the couch…literally ;-). You can do this off your bed or a chair, anything like that will do! Here we go!

  • Climb up downs on couch: Start in a long plank with hands on couch, feet on floor. Lower hands to floor one at a time and then back up. Do 10 reps and then switch lead arms. You can always do this from your knees if you need to.
  • Legs up crunch twist: Place calves on chair or couch and back flat on floor. Curl up and twist reaching opposite hand for opposite foot. Do 10 reps each way.
  • Oblique inner thigh leg work: Lay sideways on the floor with one elbow down and one foot on the couch. Lift your body up off the floor and stay in a solid side plank there. Then lift and lower your bottom leg up and down. You will really feel the inner thigh of the top leg working as well as your obliques and shoulder. Do 10 reps per side.
  • Quick taps onto couch: Pretty self-explanatory. Try to keep your pace up and really lift your legs tapping one foot on the couch at a time. Go for 30 reps each leg.
  • Ninja jump to couch jump: I just did this one for fun. You can always put your hands for a quick second to help yourself off the floor from your knees. And if your couch is too high then you can just do a step up and down off the couch. OR you can omit this one altogether ;-). Try to do 8-10 reps of this.

That’s it! Try and do this whole workout 2 times through, but if you can then squeeze in 3-4 rounds. Great work everyone and keep that body moving! See you soon!!

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