Bod Squad on Deck Exercise Demos

Break Dance Kick Through Burpee

Crab Dips

Crab Reach

Dive Bomber Push Up

Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks to the Wall

Down Up Arms

Dynamic Squats

Hand Release Push Up

Heel Dig into Ball in Bridge Pose

Hip Lift Abs

Hollow Rocks

Jump Switch Lunges

Knees to Elbows

Oblique Plank Tuck Jumps

Oblique Push Ups

One Arm Mt. Climbers

One Arm Plank Punch Knee Tuck

One Arm Push Up Variation

Overhead Squats

Plank Ball Roll In and Out

Plyometirc Push-Ups

Push Ups with Knee Tuck

Russian Twists with Dumbbell

Single Leg or Pistol Squats

Skate Jumps

Split Leg V-Ups



Superstar Burpees

Tuck Jumps

Vertical Jumps

V-Ups & Pike Ups

Wide Leg Mt. Climbers

Windshield Wipers Abs

• Pair with any Bod Squad on Deck
• Use Individually for an amazing AB workout
• Toss in your gym bag and enhance all of your workouts
• Give as a gift show someone how much you
AB-solutely love them