BodSquad Abs on Deck Video Demos

Bod Squad Abs on Deck Exercise Demos

Full sit-up with light weights

Kick-outs with arms in front

Crunch and punch

Same arm and leg reach

On knees, flex side, reach arms out & in

Hip lifts then reach dumbbells for feet

Glide hand press outs

Knee tuck plank glides

Forearm plank, swing one leg side at a time

Forearm plank pike ups

Down up arms

Oblique push-ups

Single arm triceps push-up


Modified side plank top leg kick


Bicycles low and high

Plank jump feet wide

C-curve lower lift legs

Knee hug kick-out

Scissor just legs, head down

V-ups with weights

Swim on back with weights

Russian twist with weights

One leg wiper crunch

Elbow plank knee hop side

Tabletop crunch

Swim on belly

Plank pike up glides

Wide Mt. Climbers

Crunch ankle crosses

Marionette same knee to elbow

Ball hand off

Windshield wipers with ball

Rainbow legs over ball

One arm plank knee tuck hops

One arm plank punch

8 traveling Mt. Climbers and 2 knee tucks

Plank knee under to single leg down dog

Swim just arms and legs

Swim add clap under legs


Hollow rocks

Bicycles single, single ,double

Plank triceps kickback

Double leg stretch with lightweights

One arm full sit-up press

Rainbow hip dips

Crunch up lifting one knee with dumbbell twist over leg


Rolling like a ball

Tabletop froggy, bend extend, criss crosses and beats

Side V-ups and knee tucks

Crab reach

Spider push-up

Break dance hoppy kick side to side

Side plank pretzel

Side plank, kick to

Legs straight out, still on side & pulse

Oblique crunch with knees dropped to side

Seated leg lifts and hip lifts

One arm plank same knee under

Weighted roll back stand ups

Butterfly crunch

Oblique plank series, top knee pull and kick forward

Ball under tail, lower lift legs

Plank jacks or side taps

Oblique push-up knee tuck glides in & out

Full roll up

Full roll up with alternating leg lifts

Single leg stretch

Scissor legs

Plank inchworm

Plank dumbbell reach front and side

Twisting punch with light weights

Heel clicks lowering legs

Hips lifted waist cinchers

Plank climb ups

Oblique pushup feet on bench

Oblique push-up, top foot on bench, lift and lower bottom leg

Twisty crunch with feet on bench

Band twist at anchor

Band press out from anchor

Knee tuck horseshoe weight, on glide

Handstand at wall reaching one leg under

Flag Punches

Oblique flag punches

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• Use Individually for an amazing AB workout
• Toss in your gym bag and enhance all of your workouts
• Give as a gift show someone how much you
AB-solutely love them