Greetings squad! Today’s workout is a 10-1 blast! I absolutely LOVE this format! It gets your heart rate up pretty darn quickly. The burn in your legs kind of sneaks up on you. And all of this happens in a fairly short amount of time…which is why I chose this one today! I didn’t have a whole lot of time with my kids hanging on me! Summer has begun and for those of you with kids you know EXACTLY what I mean! This little workout can come in handy any day of the week! It’s even fantastic if you divide it and do one group of exercises in the morning and one later at night. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

  • Push-up opposite arm and leg reach: I decided this was going to be my warm-up exercise. I was already fairly warm from running around half the morning but I needed to activate my core for the workout and this is the perfect exercise for doing that! In fact, anytime you need to engage your belly drop down and crank out some push-ups. The opposite arm and leg reach just ups the challenge. Do 10-20 reps total.
  • Breakdance kick and jump switch lunges: Here’s where the fun begins!! Do 10 breakdance kicks REALLY jumping your foot forward towards your hands and then kick the other leg under. If you stay back in your extended plank you won’t feel the total burn in your thighs…which means you won’t be working your legs as much…which means you won’t burn as many calories during the workout and for hours to come after the workout. After you’ve done 10 total breakdance kicks do 10 jump switch lunges. Make this big and beautiful as well. Really bend both knees as you get down in your lunge and then jump up big to switch your lunge. Do 10 total of these. After you’ve done 10 of each then do 9 of each, 8 of each, 7, etc. until you’re down to 1 of each.
  • Long jumps and mt. climbers: Same idea, do 10 long jumps and then 10 mt. climbers each leg. Then drop down one rep per set until you finish with 1 of each. Great cardio burner here!
  • Full sit-ups: Just to seal the deal in your core do 20-30 full sit-ups and you’re done!

That’s the complete workout! Not too bad eh? Try this workout and you can even come up with your own 10-1’s format. Burpees are fabulous, biceps curls work, and tuck jumps are always a winner too. Whatever you do this summer, don’t make excuses to not exercise. Get it in everyday! Some form of movement. Stay in the habit and get stronger while you’re at it. Maybe get the kids to join in the fun if you can! Let me know how it goes and stay tuned for the next fun workout! xoxo, Jenny