Greeting squad!! Today’s workout is all about sliding! It’s a super intense core workout–which I LOVE! But it also targets the hamstring and gluts as well as your whole upper body. All you need for this workout is some glides or furniture movers, socks can work well if this surface is slippery enough or some towels can work beautifully too! Here are the details!

  • Push-up to crow to a jump back: You’ll need to do this one on a slippery surface with good socks. It’s super hard, I know. But very satisfying once it’s done…and pretty fun to do. I know I’m a little sick that I find pleasure in challenging exercises. Get into a fairly narrow push-up so you’ll work your triceps a little more. Do a push-up and then point your feet so you’re on the tops of your feet. Slide your legs forward really scooping out your abs and then get into crow pose (where you balance your knees on your upper arms and lift your feet off the floor). After you find a little hold, jump back into your plank again. Modifications: do your push-up on your knees, still try and slide in because it’s fun. If you can’t do a crow pose make contact with one leg at a time on your arms, and you can always walk your feet back to plank instead of jumping them. Go for 8-12 reps of these.
  • Swively “L” sit: I saw a variation of this on Instagram. You gotta love Instagram for all the crazy strong people showing crazy strong exercise variations. I placed my feet on a towel because my socks couldn’t slip quite enough. Sit on your bum with legs out and feet on towel. Press hips up off the floor and then swivel your legs in like a figure 8 and back out. Holy smokes! Your core will be talking during this one for sure! I even got a good muscle cramp in my abs. Love that business!! If you can’t do this, keep trying AND even do one leg at a time. Still too difficult with bum off the floor then just stay seated. You should still feel the love in your belly. Try for reps of going out and in.
  • One leg slide forward to one leg lift:Another kick butt challenge. I guess I can stop saying that ;-). Get in a plank with one leg lifted off the floor and the other leg on a towel or slider. Slide your leg in and lift the other leg to the sky. When you lower back to the start bring that lifted knee to elbow and really scoop your belly out. Repeat it all again for 6-10 reps then do the other side. YIKES! I don’t know how to modify this. Maybe do less reps and just do your best!
  • Hamstring slides: On back in a bridge pose with feet on glides, lift hips off the floor and then extend and bend your legs out and in. Pull those hips up higher every time and really crank into your hamstrings. Do 15-20 reps here.
  • Arm press forward: This is a great one and doable for everyone. Difficult for sure, and everyone’s range of motion will be different but everyone can give it a fair shot. On knees with hands narrow out in front on towels or sliders. Slide one arm forward as far as you can and bend the opposite arm to lower yourself down. Return to start and do the other arm. Keep your abs scooped out and even a bit of a tail tuck. You can squeeze through your gluts to keep your back out of the exercise. Do 10-20 reps total here.
  • Sliding push-ups: Each hand on a towel or slider, lower down to a push-up on knees or toes sliding towels out to the sides and then back together as you lift back up out of push-up. This one is awesome for your arms AND your abs! Try for 10-15 reps here.

That’s the workout! Try to do all the exercises at least one time and then if you can repeat for another round or two all the better! Have fun and let me know how it goes!! xoxo Jenny