Greetings squad! Today’s workout is all about lateral movement. It’s so important to workout in all planes of motion. Forward, backwards and laterally. So, today’s workout is all about lateral movement! I’m not going to lie either, it’s a bit tough :-/. But I think pretty fun. Of course, that’s how I get my high in life–really pushing my body beyond what I think is possible.

When it comes to moving in different planes of motion I know for myself, and several people that I teach and train, moving side-to-side or lateral movements as we’ll talk about today can be pretty tough. It is especially tough on your coordination. And I really find myself challenged on one side of my body more than the other. I hope you find this workout a good challenge for you and that you’ll learn something new about your own comfort zone and movement abilities. Do your best. Modify if you need to and then set some goals to get a little more lateral movement in your workouts. ENJOY!

  • Push-ups side-to-side:Get in that solid plank/push-up position. Do a push-up then travel in that plank to the side. Do a push-up then travel back to the other side. Do 10-20 total reps of these
  • Lateral lunge hop:Step out to one side in a lunge, really bending the leg you’re going towards and keeping the opposite leg stick straight. Once you get to the depth of your range push off the bent leg and hop back to the start. I hope that made sense. Of course watch the video ;-). Do 10-15 reps each leg.
  • Single leg side hop burpee:Standing on one leg leap sideways, also know as a skate leap. Drop to the floor to do a push-up STILL on that one leg. Pop yourself back up and switch standing legs. Leap the other way and do the push-up business again! Do 10 reps total of these.
  • Lateral tuck jumps: Power yourself in a big jump to the side bringing your knees up in a tuck position. Do 20 reps total of these.
  • Lateral hop onto couch:Stand sideways next to a couch, stable chair, or stool and jump up onto that bad boy. This will feel trickier on one side. Especially if you find a challenging piece of furniture to jump up onto. Do 10-15 reps each side.
  • Lateral plank hop burpees:Back in that solid plank, push-up position, jump yourself to one side, then back, then jump feet in towards hands and jump all the way up. Get back down in your plank and do it again. This one is super challenging, but pretty fun because you’ll feel like some other animal or insect for a minute. Do 10 reps of these!

That’s the workout! Give it your best to get through it all one time and then of course if you can repeat it two or three more times you’ll be stronger for it! Have fun and I’ll see you all soon!! xoxo Jenny