Greetings squad! I saw a fabulous quote today on Spartan’s website, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” This quote is by Winston Churchill and I can’t think of a more fitting quote for me today. Today has been a little rough for me–no big deal in the grand scheme of things but I really needed to burn off some steam so that’s what today’s workout is all about. It’s a fit bod blast of sorts. If you already feel like you’re going through hell, why not just bust your butt a little more and really sweat it off! Today’s workout is timed intervals of 30 seconds each. A little up, a little down and a whole lot of total body burning. I hope you like the workout and can bookmark it for those days you just need to blast off some energy. Here we go!

  • Burpees: Duh! What better way to burn off some steam?!
  • Full sit-up with feet up: Place feet on couch or chair and crunch all the way up to touch your ankles. If it’s too hard then you can do regular sit-ups with feet down.
  • Mt. Climber’s: Pretty self-explanatory. Of course if your wrists bother you then do these on your elbows.
  • Split squat power hop: My new favorite one ;-). Really power up your front foot and try to even touch that foot. 30 seconds per leg.
  • Opposite arm and leg twisted reach: Try not to touch your hand or foot to the floor. Super tricky balance but so fabulous for your core and upper body. Can do this on elbows if needed. And of course you can touch if you’re totally struggling.Try for 30 seconds each side.
  • Plank hop to chair: Get pretty stretched out here with only just enough room for your feet to touch the chair. This way you really get your core, arms and heart burning. Enjoy the hell!!

That’s the workout my friends! Try to do this whole thing at least one time and then of course if you have more time do it all again!! Have a fit bod blast and I’ll see you soon! OH! Stay tuned for my AB DECK coming soon! It’s gonna be awesome! And if you haven’t checked out and followed me on Instagram do that right now and join my #absinapril challenge! xoxo