Greetings squad! Today’s workout is all about the gluts, the booty, the butt, your back side, however you want to say it! We all have it so it needs to be worked! 

Often times people associate glut workouts with changing the shape of your butt so it looks better and not necessarily the function of your gluts. Yes, it is nice to have a booty that is firm and muscular but there is SO MUCH more to a strong back side! The stronger your gluts are the higher you can jump, the faster you can run, the easier it is for you to balance on one leg, the bigger steps you can take up and down, and the more endurance you have in running, biking and several other cardiovascular exercises. Often times men don’t do “booty” workouts because it is sold to make it LOOK more appealing not necessarily how it supports other workouts and athletic endeavors. Strong gluts are great for preventing injuries in the lower body AND the lower back as well. I could go on and on!!

With that being said, here is the Wednesday workout all about GLUT activation! My hope is that with these exercises you don’t go through the motions but your really focus on what you are working.  Really take the time to squeeze your gluts and move with intention. 

  • Bridge glut squeeze: On back with feet firmly planted and knees bent. Put more weight in your heels and lift your hips up squeezing your gluts like crazy. Hold for a moment at the top and squeeze even more. Lower down and do it again. Do 10-20 reps.
  • Single leg bridge: Same idea but with one leg off. Do 10-20 reps per leg.
  • Heel squeeze prone: Laying on belly resting forehead on hands, knees bent and heels squeezing together. Keep that connection of your feet and squeeze your gluts to lift your thighs off the floor. Do 20 reps.
  • Single leg dead lift and pulses: Standing on one leg, hinged at waist with other leg extended out really engaged. Lower down with control and half way back up pushing through your gluts. Do 10-15 of those. Then pulse extended leg 15 reps and standing leg 15 reps. Repeat on other side.
  • Squat jumps: Straight forward but try and power through your gluts and really extend your legs fully. Do 15 reps.
  • Step up with back kick: On bench or couch, step up with one leg and kick and extend other leg back squeezing through your gluts. Alternate legs for 20 reps total.

That’s the workout! I sure do hope your gluts are feeling the love!. Go through this complete workout one time and if you have more time repeat for another one or two more rounds. Let me know how it goes and I’ll see you Friday!!

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