Greetings and Happy St. Patrick’s Day my squad! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! I am a day late for my Wednesday home workout but I got it in this week none-the-less. 

Today is all about getting up and down from the floor without any added weight or equipment. I believe this is a use it or lose it concept. As we age it’s going to get harder and harder to get down to the floor and increasingly harder to stand back up from it. If we don’t exercise in full range movements and practice deeper knee bends and different, sometimes precarious ways of using our arms to get up and down from the floor we will eventually lose that range and strength all together. I get it. I’ve been injured before as well and sometimes it’s just not possible to perform such exercises. But it’s important that we try and that we push a little beyond our comfort zones to make such movements possible. 

I work with all different aged people and people dealing with different physical limitations so I tried to make this workout accessible to everyone. I will offer details and modifications and just do your best. Again, try to push to that point of discomfort–not pain and you will get stronger and the movements will become more possible. So before you have that green beer or corned beef and cabbage tonight try out some of these exercises!

  • Down up legs with arms up: Think of opposition here. Really pull your energy through your core and think of energy going up even as you lower to the floor. Alternate sides for a total of 16 reps. If you can’t kneel down do squats with your arms up and keep the same idea in mind of energy going up.
  • Single leg squat to chair: I LOVE bi-lateral movements! It keeps us honest about where any weakness might be and forces us to work a little harder to even the strength discrepancies out. One leg extended out in front, close to a chair or couch lower down to your seat and then press back up. 10 reps each side. Of course if you need to use your arms put them down for a quick second to assist.
  • Side plank with leg lift: Ok, this one is kind of hard. Get in a side plank with top leg on couch, bottom leg down. Press yourself up so your obliques and core are supporting you and then lift and lower bottom leg. I really feel my core here and my inner thigh of the top leg. That’s where I’m weak so I felt this was a good one to show. Do 10 reps per side. If you need to, you can use your top hand on the floor for support.
  • Plank couch climb: In that solid plank position with your body extended out even further, climb one hand up to couch then the other and lower back to floor. Alternate lead arms for 10 reps each arm. Of course you can do this from your knees if you need to modify.
  • Down up arms in a plank: Same idea but on the floor. You’ll really feel your abs and triceps in this position. Do 10 each arm again and you can lower to your knees to modify.
  • Turkish flow: This is a fun take on the turkish get up. Keep your focus up on extended arm, lower opposite leg to a lunge bringing knee to floor, sweep other leg around and press up in a crab position. Retrace the movement back to the start. Do 5 reps each side for a whole body treat. Do your best…not sure how to modify so might not be for everyone.
  • Tuck jump 1/2 burpees: I couldn’t leave this movement out. After all, it’s the best full body blast! And there is no push-up here. You’re welcome. If you can’t jump just squat and lift each knee then lower down to plank. If you can’t get in a plank do squat and lift each knee then alternate lunges back. Do 10 reps of this.

That’s it!! Try do all exercises 2 times through. If you have more time do it all 4 times. I hope you give this a good effort and create some new goals for yourself. Have fun and let me know how it goes! Until next time, have a jolly good day!! xoxo