Greetings Squad and welcome to the middle of the week!! It’s a beautiful day so I had to take today’s workout outside. Here in SLC you never know if it’ll be sunny one day and snowing the next. I couldn’t ask for a better, more energizing day!

Today’s workout is a total body blast and it’s more about the reps than it is about the time. The goal of today’s workout is to do as many rounds as you have the time for. So add this to another workout you’ve done today OR if you didn’t have time to get a longer workout in have no fear! This should give you a good kick in your butt! So grab some water and get moving. Remember you will feel so happy and accomplished knowing you took a little time for yourself today.

  • Burpee roll-over crab kick: I was inspired from one of my IG friends Caroline @pinkphys. She is an energizer bunny with some really fun combos to get her friends moving everyday, check her out. With this burpee, do your regular burpee and add 4 crab kicks to each rep. Go for 10 of these.
  • Side to side leap: 20 leaps total.
  • Oblique push-ups: 15 reps per side. Of course you can always put your top hand down or bottom knee down for support.
  • Cross lunge: 20 reps of these.
  • Cross leaps: Like a jump switch lunge but crossing your legs like the cross lunge. 20 reps total here. This one is really fun so make it explosive and jump as high as you can with each rep.
  • Pike-up abs: On your back, lift your body up into your best V sit. 15 reps here. Of course if you can’t get your legs totally straight you can bend your knees.

That’s the workout! Not too bad and it really is an energizing kick in the tush! Try to do all of these exercises 2-4 rounds if possible. Remember, any movement is better than no movement. So do your best and as many as you can.

Until next time my friends! Have a beautiful day! xoxo