Greetings squad!

I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite, quick and satisfying, protein packed meals! And this is so easy! Everything on this plate is made ahead of time. All you have to do is assemble it.

I got these beautiful, organic, hard-boiled eggs at Costco. Yes! Singing praises for Costco once again. I love their organic selection! They are really stepping up their game with the healthy foods they have available. Go pick some of these up today! They are tasty and fresh. Not all watery like some pre-made hard-boiled eggs can be. Eggs are so good for you. I eat at LEAST one a day!

And then I got this beautiful avocado there as well. Avocado’s are the hardest things to buy! I got lucky this week. I used a little less than half of one avocado. Sliced it up and then sprinkled some Tajin on top (see my last post regarding this treasure) and some all purpose seasoning I got a Trader Joe’s.

I just learned a great trick for keeping sliced avocado fresh longer. If you’re using one half of the avocado keep the pit in the other half and then rub olive oil all over the avocado. Wrap it tight in plastic wrap and refrigerate. The olive oil acts as a shield to prevent it from oxidizing and spoiling fast. Nice little tip for ya!

Then there are the lentils. I got these at Trader Joe’s. Another favorite place to shop. These are so wonderful. Again, pre made and available in the produce section. They are steamed ahead of time and then vacuum sealed for freshness. Once you open the pack you have to commit to eating them all within 3-4 days…just a little FYI. These things are tasty and don’t need any fooling with.

There you have it! My quick and easy protein packed meal that I like as a post workout meal. Of course this can be an anytime meal, I just love it right after a killer workout because my muscles are open and ready for nutrients to help them recover fast. Try it out today and let me know how it goes! Happy weekend everyone!