Greetings squad! I have come to the conclusion that Wednesday will be my home workout day! Today we are using a band! I love these things, especially for travel! And since I’ll be doing that very soon, hallelujah, it’s time to revisit some exercises I love to do while traveling. If you don’t have a band yet they are super easy to find online and super affordable. Here we go!

  • Spider walks and forward reaches: Such a great exercise for the core and arms. Place band around wrists, get in a solid plank, walk hands side to side then reach one arm forward at a time.
  • Squat side steps: Great for the hips and thighs. Place band around ankles, get into a deep squat, engage core and then step side to side staying low the whole time.
  • Band press back: This is #harderthanitlooks especially if you’re doing it right. Take the band around the middle of one foot and the ankle of the other. Standing knee is soft and core is engaged. Press the band back and then release slightly. The key here is to keep the band from pushing your knee too far forward. Don’t let the band win!
  • Band curls: Another super tough one if you do it right. Really keep the knee back from the standing knee. Don’t have your knees in line with each other. If you keep that knee back you might find your range of motion is smaller…because it’s so tough! You will really isolate your hamstrings here so be diligent about form.
  • Plank side steps with band at ankles: You will really feel your core here. Keep your shoulders over your hands and your butt down as you step side to side.
  • 180 squat jumps: I can’t do many workouts without adding a jump. The band just adds another dimension to an already fun yet difficult move.
  • Leg pulses side: Just to seal the deal! Stand on one leg with knee soft, other leg just press out into that band!

That’s the workout! Do all these exercises for 30 seconds each. If you have time try to get 2-3 rounds of this workout. If not, do what you can and squeeze more in later.

I hope you like this workout and are inspired to add this to your repertoire today! See you soon!!