Greetings Squad! Well we made it to one holiday! I hope you’re enjoying today and this time of year. And I truly hope you found sometime to relax today and be with the ones you love. I don’t consider the holidays over yet! We’ve got to make it to one more holiday. I know between now and New Year’s it will be less stressful for me and I’ll be more on track with my workouts. But my kids are still home and there are still party’s to attend which means more eating and drinking off schedule so I’m still going to try and add some extra workouts into my days so that I’m not behind come the new year. Join in the fun with me!

Try this workout. In between cleaning and putting away new treasures throw in a couple of these exercises. I really love today’s  workout because it is fast, it does work the whole body, it does shock your metabolism and it is really easy to keep your end goal in sight. I call this “10-1’s”. With these two groups of exercises you’ll start with 10 reps of each, then 9 reps of each, 8 reps of each, etc. etc. until you count down to one rep of each. Then you’ll move on to the next two exercises and do the same number of repetitions. That’s it! Straight forward, a lot of getting up and down off the floor which is really good for your whole body and you’ll feel your muscles and your heart burn with delight and praise that you took the time to take care of them today. Let’s do this!!

  • Burpees: You know and love these right? Don’t forget to add the push-up to each burpee. Of course you can modify by omitting the jump and just squat and you can always do the push ups on your knees if you need to.
  • Push-up opposite arm and leg reach: More push-ups, I know. Do your solid push-up and then reach opposite arm and leg with control. Really pull those abs in. Of course if you need to do a push-up on your knees do so and then lift up to your toes for the arm and leg reach.

10-1 of those two exercises and then move onto the next two exercises.

  • Star jumps: Squat down really low and then jump up and make a star shape with your body.
  • Teaser abs: This is a Pilate’s exercise. Start on your back with arms and legs extended long. Lift up to your bum with knees bent and arms straight out from your shoulders. Extend arms and legs up the best you can and then lower with control. A really fabulous exercise for your core.

10-1 of those two exercises and then you’re done! 

Nice work squad! So if you can do both groups of exercises in one session awesome! If not, do the first group now and the next group later. Feel the gratitude in your whole body! That’s it for today. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and I’ll see you all tomorrow!! xoxo