Welcome back squad! We’re keeping today’s workout nice and grounded. All exercises are performed on the floor! Check out these great core moves you can incorporate into your day!

  • Push-up reach: Pretty self-explanatory. Get in your perfect push-up plank, do your push-up and as you come up reach one arm forward. Do 10-20 total reps of this. Of course if you need to do push-ups on your knees you can and then lift your knees off the floor to reach one  arm forward.
  • Crab reaches: Get in a crab position (belly up, feet and hands on the floor). Lift one leg and reach opposite hand for foot. Alternate sides for 20 total reps. This is a great exercise for your core if you really twist into the reach.
  • Spider to plank tuck jumps: Get in a deep squat with hands touching the floor. Walk one foot back into a low lunge, other foot back as well so you get into a plank then walk them back to hands. Jump your feet back to plank, jump forward to hands, back to plank, forward to hands again. Do 10 reps total of this.
  • Break dance kick side to side: In your plank jump one leg forward, kick other leg under and twist to it reaching opposite hand to foot. Quickly switch to other side. Alternate sides for 10-20 reps total.
  • Side plank pretzel reach: In your side plank reach top arm up and twist reaching other arm under body then back up. This really challenges your core and balance. Do 10-15 reps each side.

That’s the floor workout today my friends! Get through this whole workout at least one time. If you can squeeze in 2-3 rounds even better!! Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!