Welcome back Squad! Today we’re working off the couch…literally ;-). You can do this off your bed or a chair, anything like that will do! Here we go!

  • Climb up downs on couch: Start in a long plank with hands on couch, feet on floor. Lower hands to floor one at a time and then back up. Do 10 reps and then switch lead arms. You can always do this from your knees if you need to.
  • Legs up crunch twist: Place calves on chair or couch and back flat on floor. Curl up and twist reaching opposite hand for opposite foot. Do 10 reps each way.
  • Oblique inner thigh leg work: Lay sideways on the floor with one elbow down and one foot on the couch. Lift your body up off the floor and stay in a solid side plank there. Then lift and lower your bottom leg up and down. You will really feel the inner thigh of the top leg working as well as your obliques and shoulder. Do 10 reps per side.
  • Quick taps onto couch: Pretty self-explanatory. Try to keep your pace up and really lift your legs tapping one foot on the couch at a time. Go for 30 reps each leg.
  • Ninja jump to couch jump: I just did this one for fun. You can always put your hands for a quick second to help yourself off the floor from your knees. And if your couch is too high then you can just do a step up and down off the couch. OR you can omit this one altogether ;-). Try to do 8-10 reps of this.

That’s it! Try and do this whole workout 2 times through, but if you can then squeeze in 3-4 rounds. Great work everyone and keep that body moving! See you soon!!