Welcome back squad! It’s level change day! I  just made that up, but our workout is all about level changes. Getting up and down off the floor is so good for you! I like to think of it as an ant-aging exercise. I’ve seen too many people lose the ability to get up and down off the floor. Use it or lose it my friends! If you don’t force yourself to keep at certain movements in your life you will lose the ability to do them at all. If it’s a little uncomfortable now to get up and down off the floor think how much harder it will be in a few years from now. You have to stick with it, build strength in your body and increase your threshold for some not so comfortable moves. This workout will do just that!

  • Down up knees and jump: Standing up tall lower one knee to the floor, then the other knee, stand back up and jump! Then lead with the other leg. Do 12 reps of these making sure to alternate lead legs the whole time. Try not to put your hands down but if you need to do that in order to accomplish this exercise then please do!
  • Down up arms to oblique plank jump: Get in your solid plank on hands and toes. Lower one elbow to the floor, the other elbow, then come back onto hands, jump knees to one side of arms and then the other. Do it again leading with the other arm. Do 10 reps total of this exercise.
  • Burpees: Same as they ever were! Except for the tuck jump when you jump. Of course modify  if you need to. Do 10 reps of these.
  • Roll back jump ups: These are so great but scary to some people. I showed the modified version where you cross your ankles to come up. This really helps with getting up off the floor. The goal is to not put your hands down but of course if you need to then use a hand for a quick second and work yourself up to doing it without touching a hand to the floor. Try and alternate which ankle you cross in front. There is a little mental moment with which foot is in front and sometimes a challenge to your coordination but that’s an anti-aging benefit as well!! Do 10-16 reps total of this.
  • Plank side hop jump ups: This looks a little harder than it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good challenge but it is possible. In your plank hop yourself side then back, jump in and jump up. The goal is to get both hands and feet off the floor at the same time. Of course if this isn’t happening for you, you can just walk side to side in your plank instead of jumping. Do 10 reps of these.

That’s the workout my friends! Good stuff and a great high intensity challenge! Try to do all of this at least one time through. Three times through would be ideal but hey! We’re surviving the holidays right now people! Keep moving, cut out the excuses and fit some exercise into each and everyday. You won’t regret it! See you tomorrow!!