We have probably all kept a food journal once or twice in our lifetime…possibly even many more times. And we all know the benefits of keeping a food journal first hand, but for whatever reason have fallen out of the habit of journaling our nutritional intake. It can be a tedious task and sometimes a little boring. I can relate to ALL of this! Well, here are some simple reasons as to why we should give this food journaling thing another go!

Unless you consciously track down everything you put in your mouth chances are you forget about the little nibbles you take while cooking. Or that handful of pretzels you grab on your way out the door. Those little moments of forgetfulness can lead to added pounds AND inches.

I have had several clients over the course of my career tell me they eat so clean but can’t seem to lose weight or change their physique. I will ask them about their diet specifically and they will give me a general run down of what they eat in a day. Usually it sounds pretty on point! I know they workout hard because I witness that first hand. So if they are eating as clean as they say they are and working as hard as I see them working, then why aren’t they getting the results to match the effort? Most likely they are forgetting some of the extra calories that unconsciously pass their lips.

There have been several studies done on the most effective ways to lose weight. The Journal of Dietetics and Nutrition conducted a study on two groups of obese women. Both groups exercised over the course of 6 months, but one group kept a food journal in addition to the exercise. On average, the group that kept the food journal lost an additional 6 pounds! Bottom line, the act of knowing you have to write down every last bite of food that passes your lips will most likely make you think twice about having that extra bite. You don’t want to see that candy bar written on your paper! Seeing it in writing also give you the opportunity to keep track of your nutrients and make sure that you are eating the most nutritious, whole foods available to you.

So pull out that pen and pad of paper and commit to at least one week of keeping a food journal. Especially as we are in the thick of the holiday season! See what happens and you might even be motivated to keep a food journal longer than a week! Let me know how it goes and good luck!!